Summit Up 4-18-09 |

Summit Up 4-18-09

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is thinking of creating a “Weenie Meter” to rate our local politicians.

We say that because, in the past month or two, both Sen. Michael Bennet and Rep. Jared Polis have canceled trips to Summit County because of, well, snow. Now, we’re not making any kind of political judgment here, but as denizens of the Great White West, we do feel we’re empowered to throw the bright yellow Weenie Flag when one of these pols backs out because there’s a wee bit of snow in the forecast.

And we have to wonder if they’re familiar with a few simple facts:

– The mountains of Colorado have snow from September through May (and sometimes beyond). That means the only three months of the entire year they don’t have to fear snow is June, July and August. The hint here is that they need to get over their snowophobia.

– The men and women of counties like Summit, Eagle, Pitkin, Park, Lake and plenty of others do not stop doing their daily work and other activities because of snow. Many High Country constituents, male and female alike, travel over high mountain passes every month of the year. We commute from Silverthorne to Vail, Leadville to Keystone, Fairplay to Dillon and all sorts of other combos. We drive through white-out blizzards to get our kids at daycare; we plow through 300-400 inches of snow a year to get to our jobs (the good ones and the crappy ones); and we’re even known to venture out in a blizzard to drive all the way down to Denver for a show, a game or a flight. The only thing that stops us is when the roads are closed.

So consider the Weenie Flag thrown, Messrs. Bennett and Polis! You each have one strike against you; 3 and you’re reelection chances in the mountain district could be notably reduced.


For non-vegetarians, there are few things more cherished in this world than a really good cheeseburger. Oddly enough, even though there are a bazillion burger joints in the world, many of them serve a substandard hockey puck that we choke down only out of convenience. Summit County, of course, has many good places to get a burger beyond the fast-food pits o’ despair. And we’re happy to give a short, early review to the new Smash Burger that just opened Friday in Dillon. To do so, we will use the immortal words of Samuel L. Jackson from Pulp Fiction:

“Mmmmm … That is a tasty burger!”

Yep, two big thumbs-up to Smash Burger. This is no petrified frozen patty but a nice Angus beef thing that’s been sorta smashed and spiced and served up with yummy fries, shakes and all that other good stuff. It’s fast, but not fast-food-y. Plus, you can even get a beer or a glass of wine with your burger — and the prices are pretty reasonable.

Get thee to Smash Burger, over in Dilverthorne near Blockbuster.


Speaking of decent food chains that have recently opened in the county, someone from Chipotle just called to tell us that they’re trying out a new kid’s menu at the burrito restaurant. It’s a “taco-building tray” where the kids can, y’know, build their own taco. It comes with rice and chips as well and it’s only 4 bucks. BUT, if you go into Chipotle this Sunday and the following three Sundays (through May 10), the kid’s meal is FREE when parents buy a meal.

So go check it out. Chipotle is over by the factory stores in Silverthorne in the place that used to be Denny’s a while back ” right across from Wendy’s (which as always been Wendy’s).

We out, mowin’ burgers and burritos …

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