Summit Up 4-18-10: A river of mud runs through it |

Summit Up 4-18-10: A river of mud runs through it

Special to the Daily/Leonard Causland

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column mopping, Pledge-ing and Windex-ing.

Spring cleaning is under way. We’ve given up on shoveling snow as a river of mud runs through it.

Now is the time to pull the summer wardrobe from dusty garbage bags and load it into the washer. Peel the plastic off the windows, and if you’re privileged: swap out the winter tires for summer ones.

Pet owners, it’s time to get out the scooper and remove those well-preserved dog globs. If you live in Crested Butte you’ll be celebrating Earth Day (April 22) with Poofest.

This event involves pails and shovels, rubber gloves and “a ‘Poo-Shooter’ of an espresso with Baileys and a chocolate espresso bean,” according to an event listing in the Mountain Gazette.

“Armed shovelers then scour the town alleys, streets and vacant lots before hauling their treasures to the Eldo bar to be weighed,” according to the listing.

Prizes are awarded, presumably to the heaviest loads.

That’s one heck of a way to clean up town and have a good time, too.

And we’ve probably got exponentially more globs than the Butte, considering all the Front Range pooches making their way up here and frolicking in the snow. Someone should start a Poofest here…


In other news, our horseshoe pits are back in view. And this may be the year we bother to fill ’em with wood chips and find some cheap shoes – or vulnerable horses.

One of our other recreation projects this year is a longer-term solution for the great, big empty garage out back.

We surveyed our cohabitants last month on their thoughts for developing improvements, and feedback was easier to gather than their answers to the U.S. Census.

Enthusiasm is high for a ping-pong table but not so much for foosball. We had to pull an ad after explaining our roomies’ opinion to an onslaught of men desperate to sell us their foos-tables.

Some old couches to line the walls might work just fine.

Of course, a well-equipped backyard is essential to entertaining guests in summer. Speaking of essentials, use this checklist to make sure your own backyard summer function is a success:

• Decent grill: Ours is propane, procured for free off the side of the road. Even the ignitor still works. Keep your eyes peeled as garage-sale season revs up.

• Landscaping: Some of us are fortunate to have aspen groves and green lodgepole pine trees. If that’s not you, take a trip to a local nursery. It’s remarkable what a few happy plants, gnomes, flamingos or bird baths bring to a gathering.

• Picnic table: Eating outdoors is proven to help with digestion.

• Fire pit/chimenea: It gets brisk at night. Keep warm and repel with some pinon wood.

Relative to most other American communities, there’s a real dearth of swimming pools here in Summit.

Sure it usually snows here from September to June and there are precious few nights warm enough for a dip in an outdoor, non-heated pool. And of course folks who live up here know better than to waste precious energy resources heating up a 10,000 gallon body of water.

Friends, we have a solution: Target in Silverthorne is selling above-ground pools for about $100.

Because they’re not in a dug-up hole, above-ground pools are likely to absorb more of that plentiful solar energy (300+ days per year, right?) so abundant in colorful Colorado.

You can still fit in all your friends and maybe a dog or two.

It’s Sunday, and we’re measuring an above-ground pool and a badminton court into the backyard.

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