Summit Up 4-21-09 |

Summit Up 4-21-09

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column trying to save a buck. Yep, the economy has hit Summit Up HQ, along with rest of the world, and we’re looking to cut back on our expenses, pending the next upswing.

One of our staffers said they were in talks with their significant other to do a haircut exchange program, whereby instead of going to the local barbershop/hairdresser, they would take turns cutting each other’s hair.

This may work out well for the male half of the combo, considering that he doesn’t really have a whole lot of fluff up top. Seems it would be an easy enough thing to use a regular beard trimmer, or perhaps invest in a pair of barber clippers to do that once-a-month buzz. Heck, we’re thinking a good heavy duty lint roller or a nose-hair trimmer might even do the job.

Out staffer tells us he’s been feeling a bit put out the last few years. When he visits one of the local hair-cutting emporiums, he ends up paying the same price for a five-minute shearing as someone else pays for a more elaborate trim, cut and shaping of a full head of hair.

Seems to us he has a point ” a flat rate haircut is definitely NOT a good deal for those who are follicly challenged. What makes us more curious is that the female half of this couple seems willing to let our staffer take a pair of scissors to her long, shiny golden tresses, especially since our staffer is a lefty and has, since childhood, had a very difficult time with scissors. He blames it on his left-handedness, claiming that all scissors are made for right-handers, and tell us he can barely make a straight cut through a piece of construction paper.

So we’re looking for tips from all you readers out there. Any special techniques? Anyone out there who practices self-haircutting? Any pitfalls to avoid, and special implements we should know about? Send all your skinny to


We’ve been enjoying Donut Monday here at the Corporate Suites recently, sharing a dozen of the tasty little treats with our co-workers, and watching with interest the reaction from various staffers, which ranges from unabashed joy to downright avoidance by others. We know this isn’t the healthiest food in the world, and we’ve considered bringing in a batch of bran muffins, or a bag of apples instead, but can’t imagine those would elicit the same response. C’mon ” a bag of apples?

Donuts are one of those things in life that make you feel happy just by looking at them. Our only problem this week was that there were no pre-assembled boxes available at Safeway Monday morning, so we were stuck with having to make the selection ourselves. That slowed us down quite a bit, as we stood in front of the glass-doored bakery case wondering whether we should get cream-filled or glazed, chocolate-covered or cinnamon-sugar flavor. We realized that we could mix and match, but still were uncertain as to how many of each. We also wanted to arrange them in a random-yet-pleasing pattern in the box, sort of a Byzantine mosaic of donuts, if you will.


We out, trimming our bangs.

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