Summit Up 4-23.09 |

Summit Up 4-23.09

A very groovy Sigg aluminum water bottle.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s got one of those green hangovers from Earth Day yesterday. We actually woke up naked in a pile of mulch this morning, clutching a reusable aluminum water bottle in one hand and a chunk of moldering broccoli in the other. We were like, “Holy crap! That was a helluvan Earth Day!”

But serially, folks, we have to take a moment to talk just a little about the evils of plastic water bottles and what we did to try and kick the habit. First, let’s present some made-up facts that are probably pretty close to the truth:

-Over 97 bazillion plastic water bottles are created every second, and it takes like 100 gallons of water and a ton of oil to produce just one of them.

-Lots of them are filled with filtered tap water, not sacred H20 from high Andes streams or artesian mystic water from Bora Bora. In some cases, disgruntled employees pee in the water as it goes into the bottles, so there’s that to worry about.

-It takes, like, a crapload of gas to move the bottles from point A to point B. And if they come from silly places like France or Fiji, the carbon footprint is even bigger.

-Plastic water bottles have been known to cause scurvy, jaundice, rickets, marthambles, projectile boils and the blind staggers.

MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS (throwing their plastic water bottles down in disgust, then catching themselves and putting them into recycle bins): Holy crap! Who knew? We’ve seen the light and will never use one again!

(pregnant pause)

MSUR: Now we’re thirsty! What do we do?

SU: Glad you asked. For one thing, get over the idea that tap water isn’t good or safe. We live in a headwater county, fer cryin’ out Pete’s sake, our water is like heaven-sent. But if you still want a more pure-tasting water, get yourself one of them pitchers that filters out the crap. We like our Zero Water pitcher, which comes with a little doo-dad that tells you just how little crap is in the water after filtration has occurred. They have them at Target and, if it ever actually opens, at Walgreens in Dillon (we think).

Next, get yourself a reusable water bottle. If you’re freaked out by all plastics, get an aluminum one. The best selection we’ve seen is at The Store Formerly Known as Vitamin Cottage in Dilverthorne, which we think is now called Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage. They have these Sigg bottles from … Switzerland

MSUR: Ooohhhh ….

SU: … which means they are Euro-fancy and cool. They come in groovy colors and designs and they’ll last a long time. They’re not cheap, but they’ll last.

And we’re sure lots of other fine local retailers have all kinds of reusable bottles. Anything is better than the throwaway kind. So get on it, doggonit! And if you want to see some real facts about plastic bottles, click here:

So endeth the sermon.


OK, so last week some time we asked a trivia question about a politician who was killed in a dinghy accident a few years back. Only one person weighed in with the correct answer: Phil Hofer, the manager at Frisco Bay Marina, remembered that it was Bryan Sullivant. Normally we’d have a prize, but in these tough economic times we can only reward Phil by encouraging him to pick up a FREE copy of the Summit Daily News!

Speaking of marinas, we cannot wait until Dillon and Frisco open theirs, along with the accompanying watering holes. The Island Grill at the Frisco Bay Marina is a favorite stomping ground for Summit Up Central Staffers, as is the Tiki Bar at Dillon. Fire up those mojitos!

Of course, it could be blizzarding next week, but for now we’re going to proclaim the official start of the spring-like summery season. At least until we have to rescind it for a snow storm.

Let’s hope not.

We out.

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