Summit Up 4-23-10: Searching for sweetness … and failing |

Summit Up 4-23-10: Searching for sweetness … and failing

Summit Up
CONGRATULATIONS TO ROBERT AND ROSEANN HAUSSMAN ON THEIR 50TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!Bob and Roseann were married on April 23, 1960 in Gary Indiana. In1979, after a career in the Air force (Bob, a retired Lt. Colonel) andRoseann moved with their three children to Frisco. They started andowned The Managers, Inc. for over 20 years. This diverse companyfirst offered Property/Rental Management and expanded into retail,travel, hot tub maintenance and more. Now 'semi-retired' Bob & Roseannare very active and enjoy traveling.We love you and thank you for everything!Christine (Haussman) Voutour and Stewart Voutour, GrandchildrenBenjamin & Madeline of Frisco; Michael and Cecilia (LeRoy) Haussman, Grandchildren Iago & Nina of Rome, Italy; Ashley (Haussman) Debois and James Debois, Grandchildren Elliot & Lily Rose of Paris France.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s trying to find a new sweetener. For years we used plain old sugar, then heard that was evil. Then we heard corn syrup is evil, as well as artificial sweeteners such as Sweet N’ Lo, Aspartame and Splenda. So we switched to agave nectar, which we liked a lot, and then read was evil. We like honey, but we’ve heard that’s evil as well. What’s a sweet-toothed guy or gal to do??? What about stevia?Let us know your favorite sweetener – evil or otherwise – at***So the other day we were talking about the volcano in Iceland that’s messing up air travel all over Europe. Then we went in our dentist’s office and he told us he had a temp hygiene lady because the usual hygiene lady was stranded in England due to the volcano. And it hit us, not only that if we’d gone into dentistry like our dad told us to, we’d be vacationing in Europe this mud season, but also that, in our inter-connected world, a volcano in Iceland can impact who cleans your teeth in Frisco, Colo.Wild, eh?Also on this topic, we asked for some limericks about the volcano and the glacier under which it sits – which has the most excellent name of Eyjafjallajokull. We didn’t think anyone would take us up, but Dan Streeter e-mailed us with this:There once was a man from Eyjafjallajokull ..Who was quite the brave sort o’ nut;but when the ash blew,to the US he flewand saved his own sorry buttNice! Since we can’t really pronounce Eyjafjallajokull, it’s hard to say for sure if Dan’s limerick passes the rhyming test, but close enough! Thanks Dan …***Speaking of Scaninavian phenomena (is Iceland part of Scandinavia? Yeah, probably), we have a press release here telling us that the groundbreaking for the new IKEA store in Denver is set for May 4. In case you don’t know (and you might not, since there are currently no IKEA stores in Colorado), IKEA is a huge warehouse kinda place full of Swedish furniture that’s cheap but not crappy – like a step up from what you might get at Target but not as nice as something you’d get at a furniture store. Anyway, it’s a good place to get bookshelves and dressers and kitchenwares and stuff like that. But the real attraction for us is the cafeteria: IKEA has this awesome, cheap cafeteria where you can get things like Swedish meatballs and lingonberry desserts. It’s something else, we’re here to tell you. But you’ll have to wait: The Centennial IKEA, being built near the Park Meadow Mall, won’t be open until the fall of 2011.***Cell phones and cigarettes – what do they have in common? Well, for one, they’re often used as props in movies and TV shows (smokes somewhat less so these days). They’re both bad for you (smokes probably more so) and they both give you something to do with your hands. But you can’t talk into a cigarette, nor can you smoke a cell phone.So what’s the point, you may ask? We’re not sure. Call this a “Summit Up stem”: an idea for a riff that didn’t quite work out. So we’re going to abandon it now and move on …***We were wondering if anyone around here has one of those new iPad contraptions. If you do, drop us a line at and tell us what you think of it. We’re pretty sure the last thing we need is another contraption to look at, keep charged, worry about dropping or get stolen or lost, but we are somewhat intrigued. We heard you can read books and newspapers on this thing, and we’re trying to figger out how to get the SDN on there. On the other hand, you can’t line a birdcage with the thing, or start a fire with it. It doesn’t have that satisfying crinkle or smell, and unlike a good book, you can’t just lend it to someone to read without worrying they’ll never give it back (although we all know that, if you lend a book or a DVD to someone, you may as well call it a gift — those things never come back!).What do you think of these “e-reader” type thingies – wave o’ the future and indispensable part of modern life, or just a passing fad? Again, shoot us a note at We’re lonely and need input! ***Finally today we’re here to remind you that the Rotary Ice Melt Contest is winding down, and the lake won’t last much longer before it melts and plunges the Ice Device into the water. You can still get tickets through Sunday, though. If you know a Rotarian, they can help you, or you can just go online at If you guess it right, you can win $2,000, $750 and $500 for the top three guesses, and a first prize of $4,000 if the exact date and time is guessed. And don’t forget: All proceeds from this contest go to Summit High and CMC scholarships, so it’s a great cause.Happy guessing … we out.

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