Summit Up 4-24-09 |

Summit Up 4-24-09

Summit Daily/Mark Fox

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is officially celebrating Mud Season with the first annual MudFest, scheduled for a ski area parking lot near you.

We’re just kidding, of course. We know that everyone is tired of festivals, concerts and special events for now, and that Mud Season is a very special time when locals can pull the covers over their head for a few weeks (figuratively speaking, of course) and just chill. It’s that great time of year when you can go to the grocery store at a “normal” time, instead of 6 a.m. and make it through the aisles without having to slalom around a cluster of ski boot-wearing and altitude- dazed Texans trying to find the Pace Picante while squinting through sunburned eyes.

We want to add a quick disclaimer here: We really do love our tourists, and none of what we say here is intended to be disparaging in any way. It’s just that, gosh darn it, everyone needs a break. We know our visitors will soon be flocking back to town for the next round of festivities, starting with the first-ever Shopping Cart Derby, set for May 17. Check for details, but this new happening is sure to catch on quick. It’s a combination race/scavenger hunt, where contestants head out and about and try to round up all the stray shopping carts left behind in various condo parking lots and near Summit Stage stops and return them to the appropriate store. Most shopping carts in a six-hour period wins a $500 shopping spree!

Have an idea for a new festival or event? Send it to us at and we’ll pass it along to the powers that be. Meanwhile, we’re going to celebrate mud season by taking care of some long-neglected business, starting with washing our car. We’re pretty darn proud of the fact that we’ve made it through an entire winter without wiping one iota of road dirt off our trusty Subaru, and let us tell you, we covered some miles. But we probably more than made up for it with all the times we had to wipe the magnesium chloride sludge off our windshields. Man, that stuff is baaaad! Several times this winter, we were driving down the road, wondering, “Who turned out the lights?”

We’re thinking we might even take a look under the seats and get rid of the old McDonald’s bags, candy bar wrappers, broken window scrapers, eight tracks …

MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS: “Whoa! Eight-tracks? How old are you, anyway? We didn’t even know you could get eight-tracks anymore.”

SUMMIT UP: Well, technically, you can’t. We had to do a custom retrofit to get an eight-track player to fit under the dash. But it was all worth it, so we could listen to our classic version of Sammy Johns singing “Chevy Van.”

MSUR: “OK, so you like golden oldies. Big deal. What else do you have planned for Mud Season? We need some ideas. We’ve just been sitting around eating Twinkies and Cheetos, watching Tyra Banks and that weird Cougar show.

SU: Yes, well, we are going to paint our toenails all the colors of the rainbow and pluck our nose hair. That’s about it, nothing too exciting. And enough of this light-hearted banter.

We need to move on and tell you how one of our staffers headed down to Denver last Friday during the big snowstorm and made it safe and sound via Highway 285. It’s never as bad as the media make it sound!

We don’t want to diminish the inconvenience experienced my some folks who ended up stuck on I-70 for a while. But the drive through South Platte Canyon was actually quite exhilarating and beautiful, what with all the trees bowing down under a heavy coating of snow.

Our staffer says the goal of the trip was to shop for furniture, specifically a new couch, seeing as the whole “futon on the living room floor thing” is getting a bit old. The family pooch thinks it’s the world’s biggest dog bed, and just in general, it’s not in keeping with being a respectable citizen. It’s more of an old-school hippie thing. We don’t really have anything against that; it’s just time to upgrade. A new, or even slightly used couch seems reasonable.

Denver in the snow was fun. It was especially cute watching city people bop around in shiny shoes, trying to keep the hem of their pants dry. But the shopping was a disaster. Them big-box furniture stores are just TOO big. Walking in there makes your head spin, your throat dry and the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

So the upshot is, our staffer decided to do business locally, and found everything that was needed right here in Frisco ” within walking distance of the old homestead, actually. That calls for a big shout-out to local places like MySpace Place; David, at Kacey Fine Furniture in Frisco, local plumber John Murphy (you gotta call him if you have any sort of heating or plumbing needs) and especially Matt Morgan, with Interior Design Delivery Service, who’s been in the county since forever and helped our staffer get a sleeper sofa into the house with an effort that went above and beyond.

We don’t want to go into too many of the gory details, but we will tell you it required some fancy moves, the deployment of a climbing rope and harness, a standing belay, some towels, and plenty of muscle. We’re talking second-floor balcony, folks. And don’t even ask about the towels.

We out, getting a massage.

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