Summit Up 4-28-10: Amped on butcher’s broom and pine scent |

Summit Up 4-28-10: Amped on butcher’s broom and pine scent


Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s all slathered in royal jelly, jazzed on St. John’s Wort and flyin’ on a potent cocktail of CoQ10, ubiquinol, turmeric, saw palmetto and ginkgo biloba extract.

Honestly, how does anyone make sense of all these vitamins and supplements available nowadays? What’s wrong with a couple of Flintstone and a glass of milk? Whenever we go in any of the specialty stores that carry this stuff or look at the Swanson’s catalog our spouse loves to pore over, we’re simply overwhelmed. How can you possible keep track of it all, and where do you stop? If saw palmetto is good for your prostate and ginkgo biloba helps enhance your mental alertness and butcher’s broom supports blood vessel tone (and we are not fabricating any of these names or claims) and cat’s claw helps maintain joint comfort and myrrh supports the immune system and fish oil helps lower cholesterol etc. etc. etc. – well, shouldn’t we just take every single stinkin’ one of these herbs, vitamins and supplements?

And how, we wonder, do people figure out that gotu kola promotes even blood flow or that kudzu root kicks your liver into high gear?

We’re not sure, but we’re not taking any chances and we’re takin’ all of it, baby! Plus the Flintstones and glass of milk …


Does your car stink? Ours doesn’t, but we know a lot of people are concerned about their vehicle’s relative olfactory properties and attempt to ameliorate such with (what are to us) nasty-smelling things ranging from those pine trees to all kinds of other perfume-y stuff that makes us nauseous. In fact, in some cases being in a car with one of those “fresheners” is almost as bad as being cooped up with a guy smoking Pall Malls.

Things are getting more complicated now with the release of Refresh Your Car Dual Scent car accessories, according to an e-mailed press release in front of us now. Listen:

“Refresh Your Car’s new Odor Eliminating car air fresheners strike an inviting note, creating a subtle yet pleasing environment in the car that remains consistently enjoyable for the driver and passenger alike. The company offers five manually controlled options that give the driver complete scent control, including sleek and colorful Dual-Scented Oil Diffusers; convenient Dual-Scent Vent Wicks that clip on to air vents; and inconspicuous Dual-Scent Vent Sticks and Scented Gel air fresheners.”

Well, we agree wholeheartedly that one wants “complete scent control.” What would the world be like if your heretofore cherry-scented car air freshener suddenly started blasting odor of sauerkraut, low tide or wet dog? What if your pine tree suddenly turned into a source of burnt toast aromas or dog breath or brimstone?

And, perhaps the idea of blasting the passenger with a different smell than what you’re used to as the driver makes sense in some weird way.

See for yourself, we reckon. We have no idea where to get these things but Walmart or the ol’ Joaf n’ Lug wouldn’t be a bad place to start.

Well folks, that’s it for now. We’re hopping in our 1976 AMC Gremlin that smells like a four-week old bacon cheeseburger and poppin’ a wheelie outta here …

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