Summit Up 4-3-09 |

Summit Up 4-3-09

Ice Princess candidate Mike Dardi works it at the Breck post office the other day, asking for bucks to help fund the Rotary's First Generation Scholarship program. Mike gets extra karma points because it was a powder day!

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s feeling all warm and fuzzy after a reading over the gratifying outpouring of advice to our kitchen woes. We had no idea, really, that so many people cared about what sort of gadgets we have in our drawers, and were so willing to help us out with answers to our household questions. Who needs Martha Stewart, anyway!

MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS: “Well, it’s the least we could do. You have, after all, been keeping us entertained for what, going on nearly 20 years now with your inane babblings. We’re psyched that we’ve been able to help. That’s what we’re all about.”

SUMMIT UP: You all deserve a collective Angel Alert!! So we’re keeping our powder dry and our brown sugar moist thanks to timely advice from readers like Bryan and Susan, Vicki and Jenny, along with several other readers, who all told us that we could prevent our brown sugar from fossilizing by taking the simple step of putting a slice of plain old bread in the bag. We are going to try this forthwith, and will report back when we have some results, but we’re sure the advice is golden, and we’re looking forward to enjoying our next steaming bowl of oatmeal served with a light and fluffy sprinkling of brown sugar. No more lumps to chisel ” that’s our new motto and we’ll try and live by it.

Our anti-lump policy extends to lasagna, which we’ve previously written about, trying to figure out whether it is properly spelled with an “e” or an “a” and whether there is, or should be a plural form of the word. As we did some research, we noticed a web site called the Lasagna Project. This got us all excited, seeing as how this is one of our favorite foods. We thought clicking on a website dedicated to this delicious dish of noodles, sauce and cheese would be the highlight our day, and that we’d find saucy photos of heaping plates of the stuff, but imagine our disappointment when we saw it was a software development site!

MSUR: “Wow! Talk about false advertising. How could a bunch of software geeks co-opt a great thing like Lasagna (we prefer the “e” spelling)?”

SU: We’re not really sure and we didn’t really delve into it. Instead, we went on to the next link, which was a You Tube video recipe. We didn’t really have time to watch this whole thing, either, since we’re deeply immersed in our own lasagne imbroglio.

MSUR: “Oooh, we’ve been waiting for you to use that word for ages. It’s one of our favorite words and we can never figure out exactly how to place it in a sentence. And we never thought we’d see it next to the word “lasagna.”

SU: We’re not exactly certain that we used it in the right sense, that being “an intricate confusing interpersonal or political situation,” but we’ll let you be the judge. We have, for quite a while, been using those “no-cook” lasagna noodles, and when our sweetie went to make some special lasagna the other day, that’s the only kind we had in the house. The final product, although super-tasty and delicious, also ended up having a top layer of noodles that was, well, somewhat on the thin and dry side.

We’re thinking we just should’ve used more sauce. That’s the key to successful cooking, right? When in doubt, add sauce. Barbecue, bechamel, Vichyssoise, Bearnaise … But we’d like your feedback on no-cook lasagne noodles. Good, bad or indifferent, what do you think? And since we seem to have misplaced our favorite lasagna recipe, we’re looking for a replacement. Send your favorite lasagna recipe to and we’ll give it a try, then post our favorite right here.


We just received notice of a Burton Snow Board that was found Thursday morning along Montezuma Road just past Keystone. The board has the name Daniel on it. If you want to claim it you can call (970) 331-4173.

And with that, we are heading into the wild blue yonder of the weekend. Keep your chins up and your noses to the wind out there. See ya next week!

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