Summit Up 4-4-09 |

Summit Up 4-4-09

Happy 40th b-day today to Lorraine Tennal of Breckenridge. Here, Lorraine visits with hubby Chris Tennal and cousin Pat Jones.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column questioning its very existence.

We say that because we had an e-mail from a friend the other day who wondered why we wasted space on Summit Up. She said:

What are the odds of getting rid of the Summit Up? That is the biggest waste of space ” I just can’t imagine that the majority (or minority for that matter) of our county residents want to hear the ramblings of some 20 somethings that really have nothing to say, they’re just expected to … ramble. I recognize that EVERYBODY wants to be heard but c’mon, mindless babbling??

Ouch. Mindless? You call 700 words about things we found in our kitchen drawer mindless? What about the pictures of copulating foxes? That’s like National Geographic caliber! And how about that time we wrote 500 words about how weird it is when you meet someone in the grocery store and then you keep meeting them in different aisles and it’s kinda embarrassing because you don’t necessarily want to say hello again but you don’t want to ignore them, either? (We concluded the thing to do was gesture slightly with your head with pursed lips.)

Sure, we understand some folks don’t read the column, or that they love to hat it. But we also know we have many readers, and we’d love to hear from you. Tell us why you love us, or hate us, and we’ll continue to write the column every single stinkin’ single day anyway. E-mail is

By the way, only two 20-somethings write Summit Up. The rest of us are old, like over 40.

Also, we have a survey up on our website asking about Summit Up. Feel free to weigh in. So far, 5 people say they love us, 5 say it’s just OK and 4 say they think it’s stupid.


For something new, we’ve recently dipped our toes into the universe of micro-blogging, thanks to something called Twitter. Ever heard of it? We hadn’t either until one of our colleagues here at the Corporate Suites signed up for a Twitter account and started madly posting what are called “Tweets” from a travel conference at Keystone. It was pretty cool. Even as we were sitting there, listening to people give speeches, our intrepid reporter’s bite-sized messages were showing up on the Summit Daily website in real time.

We’re interested to know how many Twitter-users are out there in Summit County, and we’d even consider sending out tasty little Summit Up morsels for you if you send your Twitter info to

We’re not sure what to call ourselves at this point, but we’re open to suggestions. We’re pretty sure we don’t want to go with Twits, since that is, in some circles, considered pejorative. So we’re thinking probably Twitterers, but probably just Tweeters, for the sake of cutting out that hard-to-enunciate extra syllable.


Well, there seems little doubt, as we write this Friday morning, that today (Saturday) will be a powder day. It was dumping here Friday, and it seemed to our reporter on the road that everyone in the world was zooming out of the tunnel with baloney-skin tires and no clue about snow driving or any of that. They shot down the hill sideways, backwards and upside down, yodeling, screaming and shouting the whole way. And, as we always do here in Summit County, we’ll mop up the mess, plow the roads and direct all these folks to the nearest ski area.

The season’s winding down, folks. Get out there and make some turns!

We out.

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