Summit Up 4-4-13: Aren’t otters the cutest |

Summit Up 4-4-13: Aren’t otters the cutest

Summit Up
Special to the Daily/Angie Johnson

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that spent much too much of its time today looking at pictures of cute animals on the Internet. We know there’s a lot of things that we really should be doing, like cleaning out our desks, organizing our paperwork, doing our taxes, but we just couldn’t resist the various pics and gifs of fuzzy little otters holding hands, clutching fish and generally acting like the most adorable animals ever to walk the earth. Seriously, look it up. We defy you to find a cuter animal.

At times like these, sometimes we wonder what the originators of the Internet expected to come of their invention – solving complex mathematical equations, driving robots to perform intricate surgery or mass-production factories, noble things like that. We wonder what they would think if they knew that the main use of their invention would be the uploading, viewing and sharing of animal pictures and videos. We think they might be shocked at first, but once they saw that clip of the mama otter holding up her baby for viewers at the zoo to see, they would be just as hooked as the rest of us.

Looking at pictures of cute animals isn’t all that surprising, especially in Colorado, where basically everyone has a dog, a cat or a horse, or some combination of all three. There’s just something about having a furry animal there to bump your elbow at the keyboard, reminding you that there’s an entire world beyond that computer screen just waiting to be run through and rolled in. It’s so easy to get caught up in these social network spiderwebs, so it’s a good thing we have Fluffy and Fido to remind us to get up, move and live a little.

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