Summit Up 4-5-13: Good deeds |

Summit Up 4-5-13: Good deeds

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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is giving a big shout out to all those who take the time to help the less fortunate. This week we received an email from Breckenridge resident Terese Keil describing the work being done on the U.S.-Mexican boarder. Keil had this to say:

“As you may be able to read on the T-shirt of my friend, Michael Hyatt, he is a longtime volunteer for Humane Borders, an organization based in Tucson which helps undocumented migrants crossing over from Mexico into the blazing Sonoran Desert of Arizona. Approximately 200 of these migrants die every year in the desert from lack of water and food, but primarily water. Lately more and more of these migrants have been women and children. Humane Borders is not involved in the politics of why, how, and how many of these people from countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, etc., are desperate to come here. It is only concerned with the fact that they are dying and how to try to stop the deaths. There are other organizations in Arizona that are humanitarian based such as Samaritans and No More Deaths. But the organization I was with – Humane Borders – focuses mainly on setting up and maintaining mercy or water stations in areas such as where we were: the Buenos Aires National Refuge in the Sonoran Desert, south of Tucson. There are many of these stations spread out in remote areas on and off trails that migrants use. Each station is marked with a long, high flag pole that flies a navy blue flag. At every station is a barrel full of water and each week the barrels in all of these water stations are refilled and sometimes repaired or replaced if vandalized.”

We’re always amazed here at the ol’ Summit Up World Headquarters by the kindness and generosity displayed by the fine people who call The Summit home. Keep up the good work.

That’s about all we’ve got for today. ‘Til we meet again …

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