Summit Up 4-9-10: Freshly printed, and of minimal value to collectors |

Summit Up 4-9-10: Freshly printed, and of minimal value to collectors

Lois Lane
Summit Daily/Mark Fox

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s rummaging around in our junk drawer, garage, attic and crawlspaces for any old comic books. See, we had this e-mail news release here telling us that an old Superman comic book recently sold for $1.5 million, and we want in on this action.

Then we remembered we never really read comic books as kids. We more Mad Magazine type kids, and we don’t have any of those we save, either. It’s kind of like the lottery (that tax on stupidity): If you don’t play, you can’t win. And if you don’t have any copies of the first Superman comic book from 1938 – still in mint condition – then you can’t rake in the $1.5 million.

Who would spend that much on a comic book? The press release doesn’t say, but it does note that the comic book in question was in such good condition because it had for years rested in a stack of old movie magazines – and wasn’t discovered until the 1980s. Since then, it’s been sold and resold until it reached its peak price last month. It’s got a grading of 8.5, which is apparently quite high. Listen:

“… this Action Comics #1 is the only one in existence with a grading of 8.5. By comparison, the $1,000,000 Action Comics #1 is graded 8.0. That small difference translates to big bucks when it comes to comic book values. For most collectors, the $1,500,000 Superman comic is the ultimate object of desire. The comic has been legendary since it blasted out of obscurity in the late 1980’s. Even its discovery is the stuff of dreams.”

How’s that for the zenith of nerdiness? Makes us wonder if this column, stuffed in a stack of movie magazines and left to ferment a few decades, would be worth a couple of shekels. Yeah, probably not.


OK, we have the first-ever Apropos of Nothing Alert! Apropos of Nothing Alert! from Ric, who came up with the name and writes thusly:

“This morning at work an Esteemed Colleague rearranged my work (unrelated to EC’s) five times in the first hour then stole my pen. I thought perhaps if I stuck the replacement pen in his cheek it would have the benefit of being easy for both of us to find and have the added benefit of improving on his leathery, bloodhound look. Then again I thought it’s been a solo work-of-art-in-progress for 40+ years; any interference on my part would be like ‘improving’ on the Sistene Chapel by giving God and Adam big neon colored foam fingers. Some people would be worried about EC seeing this in print howsome-ever while reading at the ninth grade level is no hill to climb for some; for others it’s Mount Olympus.”

Alrighty then! Moving on …


Have you ever thought it would be cool to “scramble fighter jets?” We hear it in the movies when a terse general says “Scramble the F-16s,” and we always think “Wow, jet scrambling! Wish we could do that!”

Well, it turns out you can! All you have to do is go into the restroom on an airplane and light a cigarette. Next thing you know, jets will be scrambling, air marshals will be marshaling and cable news will go bananas. And we don’t mean to make light of the very real threat of idiot terrorists lighting their shoes or their underwear or whatever on fire – or worse. But doesn’t it seem that if someone foolishly lights a cigarette in the restroom, that the folks on the plane could take a sniff and say “It was just some idiot trying to smoke in the john” and then throw him or her to the TSA wolves once the plane’s on the ground? Isn’t flying hard enough without freaking out over stuff like this?

We’re just saying …


Note to the annoying people who have sent us 97 e-mails about the “Green World Order”: Chill out! We have no idea what you’re talking about, and even if we did, we’re pretty sure a spam campaign isn’t going to stop or usher in the Green World Order. Sheesh. Although we do agree weapons o’ mass destruction are a bad thing!

That’s it for us, folks. We out, enjoying Friday for all it’s worth!

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