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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that hasn’t seen a cloud for, like, two weeks.

We may be the only column that has been visually cloudless, but we’re sure you all in Summit Up Land have noticed our ridiculously clear, blue skies of late. And is it just us, or does everyone seem happier than when it was raining every day in August?

Scientist have studied this phenomenon of mood being attached to weather, and they’ve come up with a condition whose acronym is just too perfect: Seasonal Affect Disorder or SAD.

Seems there’s a group of people who get SAD when it’s cloudy and HAPPY (Hooked And Partially Pleasured. Yes!) when it’s sunny, which explains why so many people love life in Colorado, one of the sunniest states in American, and why so many people are addicted to heroin in rainy Seattle.

Anyway, we’re all for sun. The yellower, the better. But there’s something about clouds that makes us smile, too. In fact, the more we go without them here in Summit Up Land, the more we think we need them, that our mood is somehow attached to the existence of those morphing, white sky pillows.

Really, how long are we supposed to go without being able to play the Rorschach game of the sky? Y’know, the one where you look up at a passing cloud and say the first thing it makes you think of, or that the cloud resembles. Usually it’s dragons, mythical god-like figures or incarnations of sexual fantasies (that’s not just us, right?). It’s fun for the whole family!

We just feel a little uncomfortable without the occasional cotton-candy-like floater. Perhaps it has a bit to do with the fact that a cloud is just a bunch of condensed water, and with last year’s drought still fresh in our minds, it scares us when the High Country atmosphere can’t even muster a measly cloud’s worth of moisture, let alone get one to cry down rain.

Oh, and there’s the snow thing. Yep, big white clouds produce little white snowflakes. And snow is something we can’t do without around here.

Ah well. We have such power over our fears and emotions that we are going to enjoy cloudlessness for what it’s worth – and that is beautiful, do-anything, go-anywhere, sun-drenched weather.

The funny thing is – and we’ll let you in on a little secret here – we’re writing this on Saturday. On Monday – today – it’s probably cloudy and raining. If so, then scratch everything we’ve said in this column except for the “Good morning” part.

If it is indeed bluebird, then only scratch the previous paragraph. Got it? Good.


It’s Monday and hopefully gorgeous outside. If you spot a cloud, let us know at or call our cloud-spotting hotline at (970) 668-3998 ext. 237.

We’re out controlling our

emotions …

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