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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that has to admit D-town isn’t such a bad town after all.

We traveled down the hill last night to have a little fun. Well, that was the plan, anyway; it didn’t quite work out like it was supposed to. We were supposed to go to a comedy show and meet up with some other people, but the show was sold out, we couldn’t find the people, blah, blah. So, what does any thinking group of Summit Up field agents do when things go awry? They find a watering hole, that’s what. Which explains why everyone told us we looked so tired this morning.

But, like we were saying, we have to admit, it was a grand experience. Usually, we hate going down there. It’s too crowded. It’s too hot. It’s too dirty. The people aren’t as nice to us. You could add to the list, probably.

Last night changed our minds. First, as we’re driving down Floyd Hill, we got to see the full moon rising. Now, Summit Up has some great celestial viewing. But nothing beats watching a giant (and we mean giant) full moon rising through the colored layers of pollution above Denver. Really, it was beautiful.

People say Denver has a homelessness problem. Anyone who’s driven along 6th Avenue and the riverside paths and bridges there has seen plenty of people sleeping on the concrete or standing at corners with little cardboard signs. “Yuck,” people here might say. “Ewww.” But, hey, at least these are the kind of homeless guys who’ll give you directions, as one did when the trucker in front of us stopped in the intersection to ask.

And speaking of dangerous places to stop, Summit Up Land just doesn’t have any. In Denver, though, they’ve got all these train tracks that if you happen to roll through the crosswalk stripes and stop on, you get to hear these really loud horn noises and everybody around you starts yelling and pointing. It’s exciting. At least that’s what we’ve been told; we wouldn’t know anything about that.

Oh, and the parking! Summit Up Land might have its share of parking problems, but for the real fun you have to go to Denver. The difference is, down there, you’re likely to enjoy several blocks of walking from your parking space.

Did we mention the bums? Because we saw more of them. One demanded a cigarette. Well, we shouldn’t say “demanded” because he did offer to pay us back for it the next day, even after we explained that we don’t live there. Man, those guys are helpful and honest!

So, the next time you here someone disparaging our fine state’s capitol, you tell them to take that back and read them this column. We know you’ll clip it out and keep it in your purse just in case.


The cat picture we ran earlier this week drew some suggestions. It should be somewhere on this page.

Paul said the cat is obviously the Dizzy Gillespie Marshmallow Stuff Contest Winner, or is auditioning for Animal House, or visiting a proctologist.

Craig Kneuper came up with this caption: “I think I should have checked the expiration date on that carton of milk!”

And whoever e-mails us from gave us these quips: “Honey, I neutered the dog” or “Yum! Pasta and dog balls for supper.”

We wouldn’t be funny if funny people didn’t read our column, you know.


It’s not just Saturday, it’s Make A Difference Day, so if you’re reading this early enough in the day, get out there and lend a hand. Or send your excuses to summitup@, fax at (970) 668-0755 or tell us you’re too busy on the voicemail at (970) 668-3998, ext. 237.

We’re out being glad we live where we live …

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