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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column wondering why cell phones can’t just have normal rings.”The William Tell Overture” is not a phone ring, yet it is for many cell phones. On the newer models, you can choose between about 700 catchy tunes.Who wants “The William Tell Overture” or “She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain When She Comes” stuck in their head all day? It’s not like there was anything wrong with the traditional ring – the bell.We do, however, enjoy the vibration option, not only because it’s silent, but also because it vibrates. It’s like a mini-pocket massage every time you get a phone call.***Now, back to peanut butter.As you might not recall, we’ve been discussing the finer qualities of peanut butter lately, and John Putnam from waaaaay down south in New Orleans, has a word of advice.”If you are ever in N’ahlens,” he writes, (OK, so we took a little liberty with his spelling of that grand old city) “the Papillion Hotel has a special evening break of freshly made peanut butter, both smooth and chunky, warm bread and glasses of cold milk.”Oh, we think this sounds wonderful! Kind of like English tea! The Mexican siesta! The American workweek!Putnam continues. “The lobby is full of men who love this ritual.A few women stand around wondering what the attraction is. It is very much a guy thing. You’ve got to love a hotel that caters to the P.B. & J. crowd.”Dude, we are so there!Then a gentleman called. He said he couldn’t give his name because he has a girlfriend. (This immediately piqued our interest because, well, what the heck does that have to do with peanut butter and orange juice?) “I’ve found a connection between women who don’t like pulp and women who like pulp.” Except he wasn’t talking about a connection between the different kinds of women, but between each kind and certain things they might or might not do, which we cannot print in our newspaper if we want to continue working here. But we appreciate the thought.***This just in! This just in! We liked this ad pitch so much, we’re going to share it with you!”We get the NORTH FACE jacket from special way! The first time is one of my friend give me one, and I find it’s pretty good, and when I know the price, I know I need to make more people to have it, The best PRICE, the best QUALITY! and I like those jacket so much!”I promise you’ll never feel regret!! I promise!! Now we only make a litter kinds of jackets on the Web, more and more is on the way! Do you interesting to cooperation with us? very good price with very good quality!”Rarely, very rarely does an accent come through in the written word. We should all feel blessed to have been a part of it.The real trick is figuring out what accent that was. That is the question of the day.If you think you know, please enlighten us at or imitate (in a flattering way only) the accent on the voicemail at (970) 668-3998 ext. 237.We’re out setting our phone to vibrate …

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