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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column skidding into the first week of November.

First we slip to the left, wanting to discuss all those awesome costumes we saw out there Halloween night, including a few Kobe Bryants with blow-up dolls. Then, we slip to the right, wanting to tell all you folks to get thee to a voting booth today and cast thy ballot!

But all the this-way-and-that is mostly because we’re trying to avoid vehicles that are sliding over all that slush on the road! Welcome to winter! Buckle up and slow down!

My, we are just a lecturing machine today, eh?


We have a Scum Alert! Scum Alert! from Ashley and John, two very angry Harris Street (Breckenridge) locals.

“My boyfriend and I (Summit Up assumes Ashley penned this alert) woke up Sunday morning to find our keg and tap missing off our front (somewhat) enclosed porch! Some scumbag punk took our keg, we want it back! A local liquor store knows us and gave it to us knowing we were longtime locals and did not charge us a deposit for either the tap or the keg! Forget about the beer! We do not want to have to pay $150 for a keg and tap, so if the idiots who have taken it would please return it in the middle of the night just about the time it was stolen, that would be great. We will be very upset if we have to fork over our hard-earned money for some drunken morons who came onto private property and took our half-full keg we were saving for us and our friends for football Sunday.

“This is very disappointing. We live in a decent neighborhood with many good people and we bought a keg for Halloween so people could have fun for free.”

Harumph! All right, you scum-sucking schlarg! We hope you enjoyed the beer, now return the keg! Jees.


We have a Sad Note … Sad Note … to report today.

Eben Clark writes to let us know Buddy Coulter died Saturday morning after living almost 13 years.

Buddy – oh, he’s a dog! – was found as a stray in Riverside Park in New York City 1991. He moved to Frisco, via Oregon, in 1994 with his sidekick Jean Coulter. I was lucky enough to move in with the duo then. We have all lived together in Breck since 2000 when Jean and I were married.

Buddy was an accomplished swimmer, escape artist, squirrel hunter and the sometimes mayor of the Wellington Neighborhood. In polling our friends, everyone has a story that begins: “I remember one time Buddy ran off on me …” He always came back, sometimes days later, and sometimes after adopting another family for a few days. He helped us train five other dogs through his time and he outlasted four of them. We were lucky to know him.”

Five other dogs!? Whoa! Whacha got going up there in the Wellington, an AKC breeding grounds?!

We didn’t know Buddy, but any dog that can pull off being the mayor of a new subdivision while bringing home squirrels for dinner can’t be all bad!

A moment of silence …


We over and out.

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