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Special to the DailyJoe Morales ponders his future as the director of the state Department of Public Safety.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column feeling a little Ullry.

We were feeling chipper this morning – which is really yesterday because we wrote this yesterday for today – because of all the snow. Then we were feeling rather deluged, again because of all the snow.

But then we went to Breckenridge and imagine our surprise when we caught our beloved Sheriff Joe donning an Ullr hat.

It was the real thing, too, as can be seen by a photo somewhere on this page. It was a metal helmet and featured real horns of a deceased horned animal. We were impressed.

We’re not sure why Sheriff Joe was donning the Ullr hat, except perhaps it is how he plans to fight terrorism in his new job as Chief Head Honcho of the Colorado Department of Public Safety and Crossing Guards. We think terrorists of all ilks would be mightily surprised to be charged by a man wearing horns!

Go Joe, is all we have to say!


Speaking of terrorists, we figure Sheriff Joe should figure out how those national video rental chains do it.

Terrorists come to the U.S. legally, but they hang around on expired visas, some as long as 10 to 15 years! Compare that to a video store: You are two days late with a video and they are all over you.

They will find you. They will hunt you down. They will make you pay. Maybe Sheriff Joe should franchise and put one of the stores in charge of Homeland Security. Just an idea, Joe. We’re just here to help.


We have an Angel Alert! Angel Alert! coming to us from a dog named Copper. Yes, it seems since all the people are up on the slopes, we have no one with whom to communicate but canines. Tomorrow it’ll be cats, and Thursday, ferrets.

Anywho, Copper is a service dog in training (SDIT) for Canine Partners of the Rockies. We think this sounds like a cool title. It makes us wonder, is Copper training to be a butler? A customer service employee? A dishwasher?

D’oh! It says in paragraph 2: “My job will be to assist someone with a disability other than blindness. I am living in Summit County for a while with my adopted Mom and Dad. They were out with me last Saturday and wanted to introduce me to bus travel. I was afraid! But I need to learn how to behave on a bus because my future owner, who I will be helping, may need to ride on buses. “

Anyway, Copper wanted to thank Summit Stage driver David for taking the time to take out a bus for the dog and his pal Sierra.

David, Copper writes, was so nice and made his introduction to a bus a little less scary. (We have it on good word, however, that when David fired up the engine, Copper turned tail and ran, but Mom lured him back with treats and the SDIT hopped aboard.)

David drove around to train Copper how to get on and off buses.

So, a big thank you and lots of licks – and a pair of giant angel wings for the bus and a halo to David.

We think we know who David is, and if so, you’re in good hands, Copper! Keep up the good work and one day, you, too, can achieve butlerhood!


We out trying on winter headwear. Please tell us we look good in horns.

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