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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column with some good news for all our service-industry friends who get fed up with, well, those visitors referred to with the “G-word.”

You know, rhymes with “paper.” But we’re not supposed to use it; that’s what the tourism consultants say, anyway.

Well, the news, as we mentioned, might support some of your theories on visitors checking their cerebrums at the tunnel.

According to a story we found at, a scientist (mad, no doubt) has done some sort of study, or at least faked one in a research paper, that says going on vacation makes you stupid. Honestly, we’re not making this up.

Siegfried Lehrl, who does something at the University of Erlangen and Nuremberg in Germany, actually makes the case that sitting in the sun and relaxing lowers your IQ.

His theory is that it’s boredom. He actually recommends people play a game of backgammon every day they’re on holiday (that’s how those fancy folks say it in Europe).

The Berliner Kurier supposedly quoted the good doctor as saying, “Fourteen days of complete rest can be enough to bring your IQ down by 20 points.”

So, next time you’re mad because the family from Illinois asked where the moguls go in the summer or because the couple from Milwaukee wants you to fluff their pillows, tell them to go play backgammon.


We often find ourselves wondering why women’s and men’s shirts button on different sides, basically because we spend a lot of time in women’s clothing.

Wait a sec. Did we just write that out loud?

Anyway, if you’ve ever wondered this – as in you guys out there struggling to unbutton your gal’s shirt because “it don’t work right” – then you’ll be interested to read the following.

A little fashion research will tell you that the well-to-do women of the Victorian 19th century didn’t dress themselves, thus the need for opposite-buttoning operations. Some people have noted that the original buttoned jackets for men were made in the style of armor, meaning they were designed to stop a right-handed opponent from being able to stab you through a seam in the armor (check your shirt and think about it, guys), or so that you could unbutton your jacket with your left hand while drawing your sword with your right. There’s also some evidence that women’s buttons were intended to make it easier to nurse babies on the left side, closest to their heart.

You can impress your friends with that tonight. However, we have no idea if the same applies to button-fly jeans, so avoid those questions.


It’s Thursday, for those of you not keeping track. Frankly, we’re not, either.

We’re out trying to find anyone who really knows how to play backgammon.

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