Summit Up 5-11-10: Hacking our way to a Tony Stark beard-like thing |

Summit Up 5-11-10: Hacking our way to a Tony Stark beard-like thing

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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s concerned about the date, once again (we’re getting a lot of those this year). If you look at 5-11-10, you’ll notice that there ends up being three “1’s” in a row, which is, we’re pretty sure, nearly as ominous as “666” or even the dreaded “999” (a number sequence that strikes terror into the hearts of anyone from Montenegro or Turkmenistan, we’re led to believe).

Anyway, if you wig over any of that numerology stuff, be afraid … be very afraid. And then get on with your life – it’s just another day.


So we saw that there Iron Man 2 movie over the weekend, which was pretty cool. So cool, in fact, that we spent the rest of the weekend trying to re-created Robert Downey Jr.’s super-cool goatee-mustache-sideburn thing. How does he do that? After an hour or two with the shears and groomer thingy, our face looked like a pika that had been in a fight with a pine marten. S’far as we can tell, if you wanted to maintain this level of complicated facial hair, you’d have to have a team of barbers on standby at all times. But, then, when you’re Tony Stark, we guess you can do that sort of thing.

As we said, Iron Man 2 was pretty cool, at the same time it was disturbing to see military contractors treated like rock stars. Why can’t a summer blockbuster be based on some kind of less-violent story, such as …

“Peaceful Hippy III”: The continuing saga of Quentin Mellowe, whos ongoing quest to achieve nirvana through foosball inspires a generation. “I have a new messiah.” -Susan Crunchynugget, Mother Earth Magazine

“Urbyn Gardenerz: Return of the Green Thumb”: Hip-hop agrarian prof Payton Thatch is back in the garden, this time with an ambitious plan to grow okra in Alaska while his troubled, crime-ridden students beg him to stick with kohlrabi. “Makes chlorophyll fun again.” – Peter Travers

“Peace Corps 7: Rise of the Well Diggers”: Do-gooders Julie and Kenneth are back, this time in Guinea, where they must dig wells for the townsfolk against the wishes of an evil manufacturer of devices for carrying water from farther away. “Gripping. I wet myself.” -Roger Ebert

Wishful thinking, we guess. We tried to play a game on the trampoline with our 8-year-old – in between all the fighting games we make up – called “Peaceful Hippy,” and he wasn’t buying it.

We guess war and fighting and stuff is just the most dynamic conflict out there. Some day, perhaps, kids will play “Peaceful Hippy” and enjoy it and the world will be a better place.

Until then, game on: let’s battle!

We out.

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