Summit Up 5-12-10: Kicking off hummingbird season in style |

Summit Up 5-12-10: Kicking off hummingbird season in style


Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is wondering what the next thing is going to be. Just thinking of the recent past, with MySpace going by the boards in favor of Facebook, and then Twitter coming along for us all to puzzle over. And now there’s something called FourSquare, which we signed up for because L) it was free and 17) we don’t want to be left behind, technologically.

But we haven’t figured out what FourSquare is all about, really, and we’ve pretty much given up on Twitter (and haven’t most people?). As for Facebook, we got tired of bothering with it, although we still go on once in a while to see if someone has written or posted anything interesting. But then we keep hearing about evil doin’s on Facebook that have to do with privacy and what have ya. Maybe it’s better off to stick with a diary and a phone book, eh?

As for the next thing, we predict it will be a website where you log on and find out what everyone you know had for dinner the night before. With recipes, it could be a real plus for meal planning. But, then, we hear “nobody” cooks anymore, so maybe our dinner site will just be a list of fast-food joints and Lean Cuisine entrees.

Speaking of: We don’t want to be judgmental, but if you exist on frozen entrees, you should really look into learning how to cook a bit more. It’s really not that hard to make basic stuff! And keep in mind CMC has all kinds of great culinary courses going on at the new teaching kitchen at the Breck campus.

Down with Lean Cuisine! That stuff’ll kill ya! (Especially if you are too lazy to nuke it and you just try to shove the whole frozen brick down your throat.


Next up: It’s hummer time! And no, we don’t mean the obscene SUVs but, rather, the fabulous, high-strung little birds that call Summit County home each summer. Stephanie Burt called to say she’d seen her first hummingbird at her feeder on Sunday.

“It’s good to see them here – it means it’s spring!” she said.

Thanks for the head’s up, Stephanie. We’re definitely stoked to see those crazy little birds back! It reminds us of a few odd facts about hummingbirds we’re making up as we go along:

-Did you know the F-18 was based on hummingbird physiology?

-The average hummingbird drinks 14 gallons of nectar a day, yet it pee/poops (you know that weird thing birds do) 14.7 gallons per day. Weird!

-The Ecuadorian hummingbird is known for its jealous tendencies and extreme nationalist sensibilities. If it sees another hummingbird – say a Bolivian Blue – drinking from its favorite feeder, it will go on the offensive. It will attempt to subvert Bolivia’s banking system through hacked software. It will create disinformation campaigns about unsanitary conditions in La Paz restaurants. It has even been known to disrupt the other bird’s country’s UN delegations. It’s one flippin’ jealous bird!

-The male hummingbird is a jerk, mostly. Narcissistic to the nth degree, male hummers have been known to wait three whole days after a first date to call back a female bird. They will sell out their own mother in order to purchase the special beak wax they prefer, and they will die before they go out of the nest without blow-drying their feathers.

-Hummingbirds can fly fast enough to break the sound barrier, but they will only do so if in grave danger, for the loud noise hurts their tiny, cute li’l ears.


We have an Angel Alert!/Trash Alert/Lost Key Alert! going out today to the person who lost his/her keys in the trash the other day. Ron Alexander, who lives up at Giberson Ranch in Frisco, said he was watching the trash truck empty some stuff up at the ranch (you know how that whole mechanized ballet can be kinda mesmerizing) when he saw some keys fall out of the giant claw. He got the trash truck dude to stop the action and, after 15 minutes of pawing around in the trash, they found the keys. But, so far, no one has claimed them.

So, if you’ve lost your keys and live in Frisco, give us a call at the Daily (970-668-3998) or stop by.


Here’s another Angel Alert! going out to the good guys at Dependable Auto Glass. We had them put a windshield in our car a few years ago, and recently the rubber molding thingy was coming loose. The Dependable dudes guarantee their work, and when we called them, they were over in a flash and had it all fixed in a jiff. Since it’s windshield fix/replace season after the long, rocky winter, we highly recommend these guys to do your work: (970) 547-2777,


That’s it for now. We out.

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