Summit Up 5-12-11: Where Ullr cares not the time of year |

Summit Up 5-12-11: Where Ullr cares not the time of year

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that isn’t going to say a stinkin’ word about the weather. Seriously, folks, griping about snow in May is like complaining about August heat in Phoenix: It’s normal, it’s part of life, and no amount of gritchin’, whinin’ and bellyachin’ will make it go away. And just think how many Memorial Day Weekends we’ve had where all those poor schmos out on the campgrounds are sitting there miserable cuz it snowed. So obviously, we’re not really over it yet. And geez, in a snow year like this, where we all accepted Ullr’s bounty powder day after powder day, did we really think summer was going to magically come on May 1 or something? There’s an ancient Norse saying that we’re just about to make up that goes like this: “He who accepteth Ullr’s benevolent gnar in February must then whineth not in May when His Snowiness is still dishing out the pow.”

Crap, we said a stinkin’ word – several, in fact. So, since we already broke our vow, we will also say this about spring snow: It doesn’t adhere very well to your car, does it? We mean, in the middle of winter when you get snow on your car, it sorta stays there unless you go really fast (and then it might still remain yet have this groovy, aerodynamic look to it). But now, the snow slinks and slides off the car like a hot pat of butter of the side of an English muffin tipped at a 45-degree angle. Or something.

Mostly, this is good. For one thing, as we’ve noted in the past, the slide-y snow has a car-washing effect that can really tidy things up. On the other hand, the snow has an annoying habit of sliding down onto the windshield and back window so that you can hardly see. The wipers protest having to move so sturdy a mass, and you don’t want to get out of the car to brush it off because A) you stupidly put the brush in the garage last weekend when it was 68 degrees and XXVI) you don’t want to get your dainty feet wet because instead of Sorels you’re wearing espadrilles or sandals or something.


Speaking of Mud Season, what better way to celebrate it than to check out the Marvelous Mud exhibit at the Denver Art Museum? We can’t think of one. Sez here:

“The Denver Art Museum is pleased to announce Marvelous Mud: Clay Through the Ages, on view at the museum June 11 through September 18, 2011. This exhibition will reveal how clay has shaped culture, creativity, science and industry over time and around the globe. The museum-wide exhibition explores one major medium and illustrates its diversity and history through fascinating stories that span time and geographic location.”

Sounds excellent! If you’d like to know more, go to and tell ’em Summit Up sent ya for a free blank look from a non-sentient web page that didn’t hear or care what you said in the first place.

We out.

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