Summit Up 5-14-10: Decked out in the soup-and-fish |

Summit Up 5-14-10: Decked out in the soup-and-fish

Special to the Daily Fourth graders at Breckenridge Elementary recently hosted some local leaders for a high-level panel discussion. Rachel Garland, in pink, poses a question to the panel, which included CJ Mueller (athlete), Julie Tierney (patrol), Mark Burke (government), Jill Boyle (nurse), Peg Connealy (principal), Rick Garland (police), and Bobby Gertson (firefighter).

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that pretty much feels every day like that Darwin Awards guy whose famous last words are usually “Hold my beer and watch this …” We just never know what’s going to happen after we write that opening phrase, but we do know one thing: Something will occur to fill this space, no matter what! Even if it’s complete crap, you, the reader, deserve something more than a blank space that says only “Summit Up closed for mudd season.” Yep, some of you folks take your fancy vacations to Mexico or Moab or wherever, while we stay here, slaving away to make sure this stupid space is filled every goldarned day!

(Sound of commotion).

Excuse us. That was the evil Summit Up writer infiltrating our Here-and-Now today. S/he has been sacked and banned from the newsroom – at least until we witness an improved attitude. But can you blame anyone for feeling a li’l bitter when it’s all blechy out?


Ah, now that we’re past the intro, we can really get rolling. First up is a, um, Leadership Alert! going out to Mark Smith of Summit County, who has been named a 9News Leader of the Year Award Finalist.


SU: Well, says here Smith was recognized “for making a significant contribution to the financial education of the Colorado community. As a top industry professional, he speaks to national professional audiences about investment planning and asset management, retirement, tax and business planning, and other topics. He established scholarships at Denver’s Metropolitan State College of Denver and Arapahoe Community College, as well as in his home state of Iowa at the University of Iowa and Iowa Central Community College. Smith is a member of the board at The Kempe Foundation and a past board member of the Salvation Army. Smith is also chairman of the Colorado Society of CPAÕs Education Foundation.”

Wow! Congrats Mark. We didn’t know we had someone of such stature in our midst – much less someone who wears a suit and tie with such aplomb!

Which reminds us: Lately we’ve been reading the British humorist P.G. Wodehouse (who’s terrifically funny and a writer you should read soon and often), and we came across this most unusual colloquialism for “fancy dress”: “the soup and fish.”

We were like, huh? So we googled around and found that Wodehouse was really one of the few people who ever used this term, and it was meant to describe a tuxedo or evening gown worn to an event where you got the full dinner, soup and fish and everything in between. Previously, we’d heard the phrase “soup to nuts,” meaning “the whole gamut,” more or less, and referring to a many-course dinner that starts with soup and ends with nuts (and, presumably, cigars and sherry).

Anyway, feel free to say “I’ve gotta go put on the soup and fish” next time you’re going to that Summit Foundation banquet or whatever. If no one knows what in tarnation you’re talking about, you can still feel assured that you have the Summit Up seal o’ approval for your whacky comment.


Next up is a Smarty Pants Alert! going out to Lauren Elizabeth Frykholm of Breckenridge. Lauren was just named to the Dean’s List for the winter quarter at Seattle Pacific University. That means Lauren scored a 3.5 or higher GPA.

Nice. Congrats!


Ever noticed how, as you get older you can barely remember what shirt you put on without looking down but that old TV jingles pop into your head uninvited and unannounced? Just today, we had this one emerge from the depths of our subconscious:

What goes well with Oysters Rockefeller, Champagne and pearls?

My Timex Cavatina!

We sang this little jingle to our spouse, who was born the exact same month we were, but she looked at us like we’d just come down for breakfast in the soup-and-fish. But we swear it was a real jingle to advertise some fancy (for Timex) watch in the 1970s or something.

Oh well. There’s always the Oscar Mayer Weiner song …

Gotta run, happy Friday Summit County!

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