Summit Up 5-15-10: Steering clear of the giant Pacific octopus |

Summit Up 5-15-10: Steering clear of the giant Pacific octopus

Call out the troops to celebrate Craig Robillard's 70th Birthday! Long-time Summit County resident, Craig Robillard will be observing the seven-decade mark with family and friends in the area this weekend. Best wishes for a very happy birthday.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is happy we got all that snow Friday. Since the snow earlier in the week was “bonus snow” (loaded with dust and dirt) that made our cars all dirty, we were pleased to see the wet, heavy dump of Thursday night was pretty white and clean. And so, we noticed that it had sort of cleaned the other “Dirty Ullr” off our car as it sloughed off Friday morning. One of the Summit Up Central Staffers – a true Mountain Girl if ever there was one – said she sort of mooshed it around as she brushed it off, thus enhancing the wet snow’s cleansing properties.

Now, as we write on Friday, the snow is almost vanished already and the sounds of dripping are everywhere. We hear it’s supposed to be up in the 60s today, and may that be so. It’s a perfect day to go hit the Basin or get out the bike – or both!


Speaking of water, we just started running the streamflow information on our weather page, which hopefully is handy to those of you who are into such things. Someone named Steven called and left us a message to point out that it’d be nice to have Clear Creek and the Arkansas on that list – an oversight if ever there was one. So we’ll get that fixed asap – and thanks for the call, Steven!

And BTW: If ever anyone has any kind of tweak or improvement or addition or anything about what we’ve got in the paper, please let us know at We’re here for you, baby!


So Wednesday we went to go meet a friend at the Dillon Dam Brewery and were keenly disappointed to find it closed for cleaning and repairs. Thursday, though, the Dam reopened and we went and enjoyed the mud-season deal on dinners they had. Looks like they’re doing more deals, but you should check our back page and the Dam’s ad to see what the deal du jour is. Anyway, we had great service, food and beer and are plenty happy they’re back open.


Have you ever wondered who would win in a fit between an octopus and a shark? We always figured (to the extent that we’d really ever spent anytime thinking about this) that a rubbery ol’ octopus would be no match for a shark, what with its razor sharp teeth and nasty disposition. But we saw this video on that shows a giant Pacific octopus totally working a shark in a large aquarium. The shark went in for a bite, and the octopus just wrapped its tentacles around that critter and, s’far as we can tell, stuffed its head right into its creepy beak thing. And that was it.

Go figure. There’s a moral in there somewhere, of course, beyond just “don’t mess with a giant Pacific octopus because it will kick your sorry butt no matter how tough you think you are.” But we’re not sure what it is. Suggests to


Gotta run folks, go do something health!

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