Summit Up 5-4-10: Sucking on a dirty icicle |

Summit Up 5-4-10: Sucking on a dirty icicle

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s now concerned about dirty icicles. Recently, we were whining about the Dirty Ullr effect recent dust storms have had on our snow. And then someone said, “Hey, did you notice the dirty icicles?”

We hadn’t. And since we like to suck on icicles (nature’s Otter Pops!), we were justifiably concerned. On the other hand, there is such a thing as a terraphage; i.e., someone who eats dirt. So maybe the dirty icicle thing is just sort of like, uh, dessert for a terraphage.

Stranger things have happened.


Speaking of snow, we took in the last day at Loveland on Sunday and it was awesome! We hear similar reports from A-Basin, and we were thinking what a shame it is that this happens so often: The best snow of the year is on the hill when so few people give a hoot about skiing anymore (Summit locals aside – but we just don’t pay the bills like the Dallas Christmas crowd). Think about all the fretting and consternation revolving around the hill in the fall and early winter, all that snowmaking and hand-wringing. If only … if only we could get some kind of time machine and shoot some of the snow of April onto the hills of December.

Now that would be an economic stimulus project for the ski industry! A snowmaking time machine gizmo that could not only move snow from one month to another, but from one ski area to another. Long abouts now, fr’example, Loveland could stuff some snow in the wormhole device and blast it down to Argentina or New Zealand, where the winter season is just beginning.

Talk about win-win. On the other hand, if we could just get a Star Trek-style transporter, we could solve half of this problem – and a bunch of others. Sometimes, it sucks to be mired in the world of 2010, where all the really cool technologies haven’t been invented yet. So far as we know …


Speaking of skiing, there’s still a lot of backcountry terrain out there that looks pretty good, but please please please: Check on conditions before you go hit a south-facing slope at 2 in the afternoon! Some folks are getting in trouble out there, and it’s important that you get the avy skinny before dropping in. As always, you can check the latest forecast at the Colorado Avalanche Information Center website:

Be safe! We out.

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