Summit Up 5-8-10: Now making honey AND pollen! |

Summit Up 5-8-10: Now making honey AND pollen!

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s in awe of bees. Is there anything these little critters can’t do? They make honey, they pollinate crops, they can find their way back to the hive no matter what, they have stingers on their butts.

We were thinking about the powers of bees in the wake of Thursday’s Eartha Steward column, which runs in the Daily every week. In the column, Eartha wrote thusly of bees: “Not only do they make honey, wax and pollen, bees are economically important.”

Can you find what’s wrong in that sentence? We should have caught during our extensive editing process, but generally we assume Eartha knows what she’s talking about (and usually she does). Anyway, someone with the most excellent screen name of openupmyhead posted this online under the column: “Umm, pretty sure bees don’t make pollen.”

True, but what if they could?! And what if there are other things bees can do we don’t even know about yet? What if bees could …

-Do currency conversions, displaying the latest rate of, say, the Portuguse escudo with an Azerbaijani manat, perhaps employing some kind of buzzing;

-Exert a force field around themselves, allowing them to fly under water and in space;

-Make creme brule;

-Sing Swedish lullabies; etc. etc.

There’s really no end to the amazing things bees can do, if only we believe …


Speaking of the Azerbaijani manat (which is a real currency, by the way), we were talking with our better half recently about how Greece and other economically messed-up Euro nations may ditch the Euro and go back to their old, cooler-sounding currencies (the Greek drachma, for example, or the aforementioned escudo). We don’t really understand how this would help things, but we do know that traveling around Europe was a lot more fun when everyone had a different, wacky-sounding currency (at least compared to the boring old “dollar”) and we long for those days.

MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS: What are some other cool-sounding currencies that haven’t been Euro’d?

SU: Well, there’s the Polish zloty, for one, and the Romanian leu. There’s also the rupee, which is used by countries such as the Seychelles, Mauritius and Indian. There’s the Vietnamese dong (supply your own joke there), the Zambian kwacha (such a good name it’s also used by Malawi) and the ever-popular Bhutanese ngultrum or Eritrean nakfa. But if you think those are tongue-twisters, try this, our new favorite currency: the Ukrainian hryvnia. Holy crow! We’d just hand over our credit card and hope for the best rather than try to spit that one out. Just one more before we quit this topic: the Mauritanian ouguiya!

Maybe the dollar and the euro aren’t such bad ideas after all.

Gotta run, happy Saturday!

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