Summit Up 5-8-11: Staring into the white |

Summit Up 5-8-11: Staring into the white

by Summit Up
Special to the Daily/Kay Beaton

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that has absolutely nothing to say. Yep, we’re sitting here looking at this blank, whit screen thinking about things like:

-White paint, drying on the wall as the kids do experiments with gerbils and microwaves;

-White clouds in the sky, wafting about doing nothing; neither malign nor benevolent;

-White fields full of dandelions gone to seed whilst a thousand film crews tape allergy medicine commercials;

-White dresses on a million blushing brides, cavorting through an endless succession of Italian wedding mills on Long Island;

-Fields of dirty white snow, melting across the land as a million hikers stand by urging it to melt just a wee bit faster;

-White … oh, you get the picture.

OK! Now we’re warmed up, writer’s block has been relegated to the dustbin and we’re ready to talk about sandbags. Yep, with all the flooding potential this mega-snow year, we’re thinking we should start getting some sandbags in stock. Even though we don’t live all that close to a river or a stream, well, you never know, do you?

Problem is, we have no idea where you get sandbags. We don’t even know whether you buy them all pre-sandy or if you just purchase the bags and BYO sand? And, if so, where in tarnation do you get sand around here?

Too bad you can’t just fill ’em with snow, since there’s no shortage of that right now. But, then, snowbags probably wouldn’t be much defense against a wall of water. We could fill them with dog poop, we suppose, another substance we’ve plenty of at this time of year. But, then, that’s fraught with complications as well. But it’s kinda gross, so we don’t want to go into it.

Anyway, we’re sure that, if things really start to get bad vis-a-vis flooding, local “officials” will tell us where to get our sandbags. But be prepared. Or, at least, be prepared to be prepared. It’s gonna be a wet one – and we’re not talking about those little most towelettes that pop up out of the little plastic container.


Man, it’s hard to believe it’s Saturday already. Or man, we thought Saturday would never come. It all depends on your perception of time, we supposed. Either way, the date cannot be ignored, so git out there and do it, dangit!

We out.

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