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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column so suspicious we should be playing Clue.

This is horrible. Something must have happened to us – a bad dream we aren’t remembering, a bad hunch or a bad fish taco … something – because we seem to have lost faith in our fellow men and women.

Here’s what happened: We’re at the ski area, working, waiting for the hob-knobbers and schmoozers to do their talking so we can get to writing down quotes and taking pictures.

We had set our board outside, up against a wall. At one point, we happened to look back for the board (we figured we should be able to see it through the window) but we couldn’t see it. Great, we thought, somebody swiped our deck. We craned our neck, trying to get a better view, thinking no way somebody would do that – it’s way too sunny out for vampire-like jerks.

It wasn’t until we got outside that we realized a wood beam was blocking our view. There was our board right where we left it.

Then we go out to the parking lot to leave. And wouldn’t you know it, somebody stole our truck!

At least that’s what we were thinking as we were walking up and down the aisles. We looked and looked, and walked up and down the lines of cars. No Summit Up Mobile. It wasn’t until we took a few deep breaths and turned around three times that we looked over and realized, oh, we parked in the next lot over.

Who knows what happened to our faith in humanity, but Saturday, it was nowhere to be found. Hey, that’s what somebody stole.

Alright, who has our faith in humanity?


Big-time Kudos! to the gang at Wal-Mart. On Thursday, the store staff handed out $1,500 in checks to good Summit Up Land causes. Half of that went to Mountain Mentors, which pairs adults with kids and organizes activities and trips around the county and beyond. The other half went to Upper Blue Elementary and a project to start a voucher system for kids’ glasses (ya gotta be able to see the blackboard to learn that readin’ and ritin’).

Pretty cool stuff. Thanks, Wal-Mart.


If you’re interested in wildlife conservation, habitat preservation, outdoor education and you can make it up to Kremmling on Jan. 17, there’s a dinner you might want to attend.

Kremmling has formed a chapter of the National Wildlife Turkey Federation. It is holding its first annual banquet on Jan. 17 (that’s Saturday) at the Grand County Fairgrounds Extension Hall at 6 p.m. There will be a silent auction, a live auction and raffles of commemorative firearms, limited edition prints, bronzes and other stuff.

If this is something you might be interested in, contact Steve Harwell at (970) 724-2971 or stop in to the Shop and Hop store in Kremmling or the Farmer’s Korner gas station near Summit High School.


A caller, responding to our column about marijuana legalization based on Holy Scripture said there’s a lot more to read on that subject if we’re interested. Just do an Internet search for “cannabis” and “Bible,” he said.

“Jesus was baptized with oils from cannabis,” he said. “I’ve talked with a few pastors who agreed with that. Can you imagine Jesus Christ getting arrested for it?”

Well, actually, these days …


Teresa Zube sent us a note headlined with what will surely be the most profound statement of philosophy from the ’90s to survive into posterity: “Dude, where’s my car?”

Teresa says her black 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee with satellite radio antenna on the back of the driver’s side, a “P” missing from the Jeep logo on the front and expired Colorado tags disappeared over New Year’s. Teresa says they had a party on New Year’s Eve, but they don’t know if that had anything to do with their ride leaving the driveway.

She also says she and fiance Mike are planning a wedding and just bought a house, so a missing car is a financial hit they were hoping to not have to deal with. They’re offering a $100 reward for info. Give them a ring at (970) 470-0272 if you can help.


Enjoy your Sunday. It’s the only thing today you really own. Quickly: It’ll be Eagles and Colts, and the skiing will be fabulous.

We out, on the chairlift with our Watchman, taking in all the action …

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