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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily letting the people speak for us today.

We have another Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! from Donna at the animal shelter.

Recently, Donna was raving to us about the great Summit Up Land kids who’ve donated money to the shelter; well, one more’s gone and done good. Shelley Dickstein saved $200 baby-sitting and gave it to the shelter.

The money is used to pay for emergency medical services for the animals, Donna says.

“I was pretty floored,” Donna said.

“Two hundred dollars is a lot of money. It just goes to show again how Summit County kids are thoughtful and caring.”

We’ve reserved a halo-and-wing set for Shelley.


Kristina Fortin read our minds. She looked at the picture of snow-covered chairs we ran with Thursday’s column and said, “They kinda resemble Gumby to me.”

Susie Fiske had the same idea, as did Patti Maguire.

Exactly what we were thinking, only we weren’t sure if was the bad-fish-taco-hallucinations talking. Casper the Friendly Ghost is also a possibility.

DY, on the other hand, thought we had seen Mr. Bill. Oh, nooooooooo!


The kind of people who would steal someone else’s boots are probably the same kind of people who would rob the dead, which is to say, not the kind of people we’d like to associate with or want as Summit Up Land neighbors.

Nonetheless, they’re out there, reports Mark Lipman in this Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!!

It would appear that some wretch of a homo sapien ganked his winter boots from the Silverthorne rec center locker room while he was in the shower. “Those boots are what have been keeping my feet working and warm the past two winters,” Mark writes.

Mark is very angry about this. We could tell because he questioned the need for this horker to exist, described him as the “epitome of crap,” and would love to meet this person – only to put his boots on and kick the person in the head with them.

We suggest the thief returns the boots to the desk at the rec center.

We’re not sure if Mark’s wrath or the karmic penalties we’re enacting are worse.


Rachael Mitchell, or someone using her e-mail address anyway, read Thursday’s nonsense and was reminded of one of our favorite Creedence Clearwater Revival songs: “Memories and elephants are playing in the bend/Won’t you take a ride on the flying spoon/Doo doo doo/ Bother me tomorrow/Today I got no sorrow/ Doo doo doo, looking out my back door.”

Maybe we were channeling John Fogarty. Then again, maybe he was channeling us.


John in Wildernest will be happy to know there’s something he can do about his tow truck bill.

We wrote about John’s surprise to find out he owed nearly $400 after getting his van towed and how he felt he was the victim of highway robbery.

Well, he might be.

Jeff at Ron’s Texaco called us and explained a little about the towing business.

Jeff says the towing industry in the state is regulated by the Public Utilities Commission.

They set the maximum that a company can charge for a nonconsensual, private property tow (about $140 in Summit Up Land) and how much they can charge for storage (basically a dollar an hour).

If John thinks he’s getting scammed, Jeff said, he can file a complaint with the PUC and they’ll look into it. You can contact the PUC at (800) 456-0858 or pucconsumer.complaints@

“It happens all the time – there’s real shysters out there,” said Jeff, who’s been in the business with his dad and brother in Summit County longer than most of our readers have lived here. “They come and go, and it gives everybody else a bad name.”

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