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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column break-dancing for the pope.

Yeee-ahh, homey. We’re spinning upside down on every bone He gave us, pop-lockin’ like disciples drop gospel. Word?

If ever there was something we never thought we’d see in our lives, this was it: Some of you may have caught the news footage already, but over the weekend some Polish break-dancers performed for Pope J.P.

On the surface, it sounds reasonable – the Roman Catholic Church giving a back-patting to a nonprofit from the pope’s native country that works with troubled teens.

But how it all played out on film? For us, it was one of those moments where first you blink, then you rub your eyes, then you sniff your drink to double-check that one of your buddies hasn’t slipped you a mickey.

What made it even worse was how the pope reacted. You’d expect him to react like your grandfather would: a little shaking of the head, lots of smirks and befuddled looks and a shouting plea to please turn that racket on the musicbox off with a back-handed comment about being grateful for the free floor cleaning.

Not his holiness. He sat there be-bopping, shaking his hands and generally seeming, well, impressed.

After doing some research, though, turns out we shouldn’t have been so surprised. Actually, “electric boogaloo” is an old Hebrew and Aramaic expression for giving praise through spine contortion. Those New York kids that pioneered the dance form – B-Boys. Turns out the “B” stands for “Bishop’s” – were all altar boys and used to practice in the cathedral basement.

We expect, a thousand years from now, when the Bible has been rewritten, adapted and modernized many times over, that first book will read, “And He said, Let there be break-dancing. And all the ground of the world was converted to smooth cardboard for back spins, and it was good.”


Congrats to Sarah Blincoe! Her parents, George and Kristi in Dillon, were happy to learn that Sarah has made the honor roll at Colorado Timberline Academy down in Durango. Keep up the good work, Sarah.


On Tuesday, we ran some not-so-serious tips for maintaining your car in the winter. At least we hope our readers know us well enough to tell the difference between the truth and our version of it.

Just to make sure, John called and said that, no, it’s actually a very bad idea to put kitty litter under your tires to get some traction. John correctly points out that kitty litter is essentially clay, and when you mix that with some water and pressure, it becomes mud, which we hope we don’t have to explain, doesn’t help with traction.

We’d thank John for potentially saving our readers from a big mess, but in fact, he’s ruined our plot to attract the cats of the world to the undersides of car tires.

Foiled again!


A quick note to our readers. We’re going to get started on spring cleaning early this year. That means if you’ve sent us a birthday/engagement/wedding anniversary picture and you’d like it back, you need to stop by the Corporate Suites before Feb. 6. That’s next Friday.

Also keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming Contest! We’re going to start it Friday and we hope as many of you play along as did with the icicle contest last year.


If Wednesday wasn’t so hard to spell, it might be a better day, don’t you think? Maybe you don’t. Let us know at summitup@summit, fax at (970) 668-0755 or do what you like on the voicemail at (970) 668-3998, ext. 237.

We’re out doing the centipede with Mr. Wiggles …

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