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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column wondering just when Mr. John Kerry learned to snowboard.

Oh, sure, he’s a fabulous skier. Look at that angulation, the quiet upper body, the impeccable hand position. He’s a Massachussetts guy. Have you ever skied at Wachussett or Nashoba Valley? We have, and they are great places to learn how to hold an edge, because the snow report usually reads, “Frozen Granular.” So you either hold an edge or you break your hip.

Clearly Mr. Kerry learned well. These photos were taken last week at Sun Valley in Idaho. You know the snow is butter, and Kerry’s carving it like a poor man’s Stein Eriksen.

But snowboarding!?

As if Kerry’s “Advisor On All Matters Pertaining To The Under-30 Demographic” (yes, that’s his official title) didn’t say, “Sir, with all due respect, you absolutely cannot alienate the riding community by appearing insensitive to the sideways-stance mentality. If a picture gets out of you on skis, we may damage our connection with boarding culture irrevocably.”

So Kerry learned – pretty well it seems, based on this picture. He’s looking ahead, arms to his sides, knees bent, looks relaxed.

Who knew a politician’s propensity to waffle would be so pervasive, going right down to their recreation preferences.

So Mr. Kerry, you were a Vietnam war hero, and a war protester? How’s that?

You voted to authorize the president to invade Iraq and now you criticize the war?

Suddenly, taking a look at these two pictures, it all makes sense.

But at least he’s a rider (that’s rider in the skier and snowboarder sense of the word, or haven’t you noticed that skiers are calling themselves riders nowadays).

President Bush, he’s from Texas.

Kerry 1, Bush 0.


It’s Thursday, and we are going to practice riding the fence. If we get good enough, maybe we’ll run for president one day.

Let us know your plans at or drop a voicemail at (970) 668-3998 ext. 237.

We’re out snowboarding, no skiing. Yeah, skiing, that’ll play better with the money

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