Summit Up 6-12-12: Bike wrecks for your birthday edition |

Summit Up 6-12-12: Bike wrecks for your birthday edition

Summit Up
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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that just found a new rule about the recpath: It’s OK if you cause an accident and then take off so long as it’s your birthday.Who knew? Thanks to Terrence Power and this scummy li’l Scum Alert! Scum Alert!, we all do know. Listen: “I had an accident on the bike path last Wednesday: I was cut off by this person, crashed into her, and my front wheel got broken and I suffered cuts to my legs. The person who caused it took off, leaving me bleeding and unable to ride home. It was a mother with two kids, not from here. I asked her to pay for the damage (new wheel: $200) and give me her personal info, but she just took off toward Breck. She said it was her birthday, and why she told me I have no idea. After my wife got to me, we drove up and down the bikepath looking for them, but it was like they vanished into thin air. This really sucks – maybe someone will read it and come forth with some info.”Pretty scummy!***Smarty Pants Alert! Smarty Pants Alert! Guess who made the honor roll this past semester at Montana State University?MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS: Tell us! Tell us!SU: We will! It was Cooper Krause of Breckenridge, MacKenzie Jones and Gillian Montgomery of Dillon and Tyler Reinking of Silverthorne. They’re up there kickin’ academic butt!Nice work.***Ric Wilkins writes:”So once upon a time, long ago and far away a young dude asked a Princess to the prom. ‘Oh, aren’t you sweet,’ said the Princess, ‘but I don’t think that’s going to happen for you. Maybe one of the big girls from the Sewing Club would be desperate enough.’ Did our young dude get mad? Heck no, he didn’t get mad he got even – he married the Princess! And then just for good measure he stayed married to her! ‘I was just a silly Princess,’ says my lovely wife. Happy Anniversary, Lovely Wife.”There you have it! But what’s with the fling against the Sewing Club? Some of the hottest hotties we’ve ever known are all-pro sewers, quilters and knitters – not to mention the bombshells we knew back in the day who wore those macram bra & panty sets. Talk about sexy! (Although they always complained of drafts and chafing.)***Ruh-roh: another Scum Alert! Scum Alert! – this one just in from Mitch Melichar over at Cutthroat Anglers who writes of some fishy skullduggery:”There have been a series of thefts out of trucks and autos parked along the Blue River while people have been fishing and away from their vehicles. The thefts have occurred in the town of Silverthorne and as far north as 15 miles from Silverthorne. Not sure if any vehicles were broken into or if vehicles were left unlocked (as many of us do). Mostly fly fishing rods and reels have been targeted.”Lame! Repent! You suck, rod horkers!We out.

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