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Summit Up 6-13-10


Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column ruffling some soccer-fan feathers because three games ending in ties hardly constitutes worthwhile competition.

All those cheers from U.S. citizens on camera are kind of embarrassing.

This country was built on winning. It’s the home of ass-kicking southerners, capitalism and an industrial-military complex envied by everyone.

What’s the use in celebrating a tie? So it’s one point in the scheme of World Cup competition. Whoopee. We should’ve won.

You think the coach said to the team on Saturday: “All right, fellas, let’s get out there and see to it that we win. And if we don’t win, let’s go for a tie. It’ll at least keep the fans happy.”

Not these fans.

To be sure, we’re only fans of America. It’s still up in the air whether we support our soccer team.

We’d prefer and not be like all those band-wagoners who jump on board with USA just because it’s where they got birthed.

If you can’t name one or two players on your favorite team, you’re no fan.

Since the only soccer player we can name is David Beckham, and he’s out this year, we’re figuring there won’t be many soccer fields making appearances on our television screen.

Soccer should take a tip from U.S. hockey. They changed the rules a few years ago to make it easier to score.

Easier scores = more readily defined winners.

Plus who doesn’t like to flip over to the Spanish channel to hear the man yell: “Goooooooooool!!”

That’s what makes the game interesting: not a bunch of people running around on a field.


As long as we’re spilling our guts across the wide world of athletics, we’re going to share some musings on the Big XII shake-up people are talking about more than soccer in our circles.

The CU Buffaloes have announced the desertion of the conference to join the Pac-10 teams.

Kudos to Boulder. You don’t want to be identified with the likes of College Station, Texas or Norman, Okla., do ya?

That lib’ral So-Cal attitude is a lot more your style.

It’s no surprise Nebraska’s going with the midwesterners of the Big Ten.

Where things get hairy is figuring out where the rest of the Big XII schools will land.

In case any of you millions of readers are thinking: “Who cares? The World Cup is on and these cantankerous weirdos are talking about collegiate conferences,” well guess what…

These schools boast student enrollment numbers that outnumber the population of Summit County.

Athletics are the best way to make a non-Ivy League school popular. Popularity leads to revenue and students – and the implications of forging a competitive alliance with a popular string of West Coast schools has implications way beyond sports fans.

That’s why Texas legislators are up in arms (watch out!) about Baylor University getting left out of what appears to be a mass exodus of Big XII powerhouses to the Pac-10.

CU’s move will reverberate through the state and the western half of America. At this point, we’re thinking it’ a good thing.

The Pac-10 wants to expand to 16 teams. Doing so would make it the most enviable mega-conference in the land. As such, it would command the greatest TV audience and revenue for schools.

Everything from tuition and faculty pay to marketing will be affected. It could lead to CU inventing the next space-travel machine or maybe a way to keep snow on mountain year-round.

As for now, it’ll mean that more football and especially basketball games will be televised later in the day, as most of the Pac-10 is in the Pacific Time Zone.

We’ve digressed and will now turn to the other school.

The top power-hitters in Oklahoma and Texas will almost inevitably be invited into the Pac-10’s new incarnation as well.

We’re thinkin’ they’ll bite, which will leave Kansas and Kansas State universities out in the cold. Possibly Missouri and very likely Baylor will be without homes, too.

If Colorado ends up the lone wolf in the far east part of the conference, it will certainly mean less of those benefits we discussed earlier – possibly even a loss.

By playing “away” games in states like Oklahoma and Texas, CU is able to walk on the field in those locations, helping accrue interest in the school among potential athletic recruits and normal students residing in the nearby states.

That means more talent and money.

If most of the games are played next door to the Pacific Ocean, it’s less likely those students will travel far from home to our local school. Scientific studies support that high school grads are more likely to attend a school near their home, especially if they get money from their parents.

So the best bet here is to have 16 teams in a conference comprised of at least three of the most-televised teams in the United States. It’s a good deal, and we wish it could happen tomorrow.

They’re talking Tuesday.


If you’re still with us, congratulations. Spend the rest of the column absorbing these amusing musings from

“You know you’re a Coloradan if…

1. You switch from “Heat” to ‘A/C’ in one day

2. You know what the ‘Peoples Republic of Boulder’ means.

3. Your sense of direction is: toward the mountains and away from the mountains.

4. You’re a meat-eating vegetarian.

5. The bike on your car is worth more than your car and you have your own special bike lane.

6. You’re able to drive 65 miles per hour through 13 feet of snow during a raging blizzard without even flinching.

7. You take your out-of-town guests to Casa Bonita even though you would never go there otherwise.”

It’s Sunday; go outside.

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