Summit Up 6-14-11: Where we now channel everything through a badger hand puppet |

Summit Up 6-14-11: Where we now channel everything through a badger hand puppet

by Summit UP

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s pretty curious about this film “The Beaver,” which was supposed to be Mel Gibson’s comeback movie but which sorta flopped at the box office. That said, it’s still supposed to be pretty interesting, and if you want to catch it, it’s playing through Thursday at the Speakeasy in Breck. Karin Litzmann at the Speakeasy sent us this interesting write-up, and since we couldn’t figure out where else to put it, it goes here in Summit Up. Listen: “When did Mel Gibson become the driven, angry character he played in George Millers’ film? Simply put, when did Mel Gibson become Mad Max? Having expounded his far ranging beliefs – from anti-Semitism to gay bashing with a world of personal problems in between – I had to wonder is there any possible road that would lead to redemption in the eyes of his once fans? Intriguing questions to ponder when you watch Mr. Gibson’s portrayal of Walter Black, a man on the verge, in his new film “The Beaver.””Having admired his performances in a wide range of films: ‘Gallipoli,’ ‘The Year of Living Dangerously’ and ‘Braveheart’ – for which he won a directing Oscar – I had no doubt the man had talent and charisma a-plenty. Try to think of two more different films than ‘Lethal Weapon’ and ‘Hamlet’ and an actor who could shine in both. So now Mel’s back in a smaller film directed by his long time friend – and one of Hollywood’s classiest acts, Jodie Foster. ‘The Beaver’ is both a devastating comedy and a darkly funny drama interwoven with a story of love and yes, maybe even redemption. With a sure eye and a gifted actors’ touch, director Jodie Foster brings together a talented group – including Anton Yelchin (‘Star Trek’) and Jennifer Lawrence (‘Winter’s Bone’) – to tell this story of a family struggling along with Dad as he tries to find his way out of darkest depression and back to the light. “Doesn’t sound funny? You haven’t met the Beaver yet. The tool of his rehabilitation is a hand puppet he finds in the trash when he is at his lowest. With new personality ‘at hand,’ the beaver strides in with an accent, attitude and point of view all his own and starts making over Walter’s life. Ms. Foster has found a way to help her friend channel all his real life turmoil into a gripping, high-wire act of performance/reality. You will not be able to take your eyes off him as he delivers what might be the best performance of his career. “The movie asks: How do you help someone bent on self-destruction get his life back on track? I think a good friend has just offered Mr. Gibson a lifeline. It is great to see him at his peak as an actor and who knows maybe life can imitate art and healing is at hand.”Thanks for that, Karin. Sounds cool! And don’t miss next week’s film, “Blame the Mustelid,” in which disgraced N.Y. Congressman Anthony Weiner tries to explain his sexting sexploits by channeling his emotions through a large badger marionette that speaks only in Basque. It’s kinda weird, but we hear quite fascinating.And, of course, feel free to pop by the Summit Up Central Corporate Suites anytime and ask us really difficult questions about quantum theory and macro economics, which we will attempt to answer through our pygmy marmoset hand puppet Winifred Q. Bumpybottom. She knows quite a bit, depending on how many shots of Red Bull & Jgermeister she’s consumed. (Can you believe people drink that stuff?!)Well, that’s enough for a Tuesday. Enjoy.We out.

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