Summit Up 6-17-10: Puzzled by wreaths and potpourri |

Summit Up 6-17-10: Puzzled by wreaths and potpourri

Special to the Daily/Jane GansmannCrazy birds take up residence in a wreath featuring fake robin's eggs. See more below.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s wondering, once again, about wreaths. Maybe this is sexist, but we’re pretty sure more than 95 percent of all wreaths are purchased by women, because most men have no idea, really, what the point is (which is to say that men don’t often get ornamentation or decorations of any kind – unless it’s a poster of, say, Megan Fox lying atop a Camaro – and usually they’re over that by the time they’ve hit 30 (and if they’re not, they may not be dateable – we’re just saying))). Anyway, where were we?Wreaths: You may think they’re just for Christmas, but many folks, particularly those of the female persuasion, feel the need to have a wreath on the door year-round, which they change with the seasons. Oftentimes, one of the hardest thing for men to get used to once they get married or start living with a woman is what we’ll call The Wreath & Doily Effect, which refers to the little doo-dads, geegaws and knicknacks women feel compelled to have in their lives (potpourri fits in here as well). Even the rawest Summit County chick who wouldn’t be caught dead with a doily (or even know what one is) has got some … thing that her man won’t understand. If he’s wise, though, he will accept it, stop questioning it, dust it and help select it if afforded the opportunity (which is unlikely). Baskets also fall into this category, but that’s another story.Anyway, we were thinking of wreaths because Jane Gansmann in Eagles Nest sent us this most excellent photo of a bunch of birds – robins, in fact – that have taken up residence in the wreath on the Gansmanns’ front door. As you can no doubt tell from the photo above, this is a seasonal wreath that, interestingly enough, features its own faux robin’s eggs glued to the front there. We guess that’s what made the birds think this was a good spot in the first place, since you can see they did some things with eggs and produced a litter (clutch? gaggle? herd?) of wee, hungry li’l robins.Amazing! And our hat’s off to Jane for allowing the birds to stick around to take care of business. Those wreaths can be a bit spendy, so live, pooping birds may not exactly what everyone would want on their front door. But, we’ll hazard to guess that this will be one of the most noticed, remarked-upon and famous wreaths in the county!***So we got this press release about someone named Imelda May, who is playing in Breck Sunday at the Riverwalk. Not being familiar, we Googled her and watched a couple of videos and MAN! Imelda May is cool! She’s an ultra-hip rockabilly musician from Dublin, Ireland who sings with a tight, old-school kinda band that reminds us of some 1930s nightclub sound. In fact, if an illicit exchange of priceless archaeological artifacts isn’t going on during her show – followed by a high-speed zeppelin chase over the Continental Divide – we’ll be a little disappointed.Anyway, check out Imelda May and her band at 7:30 p.m. Sunday. Tickets are $25 in advance, $28 day of show and can be purchased by calling the Riverwalk Center Box Office at (970) 547-3100. We’ll be there – in a red fedora.Gotta run folks – check ya Friday (BBQ day!). We out.

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