Summit Up 6-19-12: Greetings from Allergygedden |

Summit Up 6-19-12: Greetings from Allergygedden

Summit Up
Special to the Daily Hunter James Cravener of Fairplay marked his first birthday June 13 with a return to his birthplace - the Breck 7-Eleven. Dubbed the 'Big Gulp Baby' at the time, Hunter celebrated last week with a complimentary Slurpee and a photo shoot. Don't let Michael Bloomberg see you, Hunter! Mom Lisa Cravener also adds this tidbit: 'The paramedic that helped deliver Hunter - I returned the favor by delivering her baby three months later ... in the hospital of couse:).

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that feels like we’ve got 17 cats wrapped around our head, a tank full of pollen hooked up to a jet-blaster thingy that’s connected to our nose and a bunch of Chinese soap bubbles being poured into our bloodshot eyes.

Man, it’s like Allergygedden out there! We guess it’s all the dryness combined with all the trees shooting our crapola and, y’know, more dryness on top of it that’s making it so bad. Usually this time of year we get a rain that turns the streets green with pollen, but since the rain gods have, for the time being, forsaken us, we’re just stuck here in Allergygedden. (Sorry, just had to say it again – we kinda like the sound of it.)

MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS: Yeah, sure, we get it but … why Chinese soap bubbles?

SU: Dunno. Just figure they’re a little more toxic and likely to make your eyes red. And we know they turn your eyes read because we were just watching one of our favorite kid’s movies – The Spongebob Squarepants Movie – the other day, and that’s pretty much how Spongebob defeats the evil hit-man Dennis.

(sound of crickets)

Guess you have to see the movie.

Anyway, all’s we can say is pray or hope for rain and get your hands on some eyedrops and allergy pills. And don’t forget the “Grey’s Anatomy/Sleepless in Seattle”-sized box o’ tissues. They really should promote Kleenex with tear-jerker flicks, don’tcha think? Better than those stupid bears going on about the relative comfort of their toilet paper. Why bears?!


OK, here’s a shoutout from some shy, anonymous person who wanted to say this about the recent Breckenridge Town Party:

“I have not been to a Breckenridge Town Party in a couple of years, but I did attend this year and was very impressed with how hassle-free the food and beverages were, and especially with the Beaver Run tent where there was a great selection and plenty of staff to make everything smooth. Thanks to everyone and the town of Breck for a great time.”

There you have it! We didn’t make it this year, but it’s always a great event Breck puts on.

Anyway, enjoy the photos at right. We out.

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