Summit Up 6-2-12: Featuring content from a steam-powered fax machine! |

Summit Up 6-2-12: Featuring content from a steam-powered fax machine!

by Summit Up
Special to the Daily Breck Resort Chamber membership director Jen Goldstein was taking an SDN break outside the BRC offices recently. Some say she's excited for the Deadliest Catch captain and crew arrival. Or she's gearing up for the Breckenridge Outhouse Races June 17, part of the Kingdom Days dealio (more at And everyone knows you can't do an outhouse race without a copy of the Daily for, y'know, verisimilitude!

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that somehow neglected to do a June welcome yesterday, so here goes on June 2: Yay! It’s June! And that means a lot of things are coming up summer-wise, starting next weekend with the Chili Pepper & Brew Fest in Snowmass, which is always worth the trip. Plus, this year, wacky gypsy punk band Gogol Bordello is playing, so we’re stoked for that.Closer to home, the Breck Film Festival (or, more properly, the Breckenridge Festival of Film) is next weekend, so get fired up for that. Of course, the following weekend is the biggie: Kingdom Days in Breck with the outhouse races and all that, plus the Frisco BBQ Challenge in, y’know, Frisco, which for our money is pretty much a sign that summer has indeed arrived. The weather’s been pretty nice, if a bit cool and dry, so hopefully that’ll continue into the next couple of weekends with a few soaking rains between 2 and 4 a.m. just to keep things moist.***OK, due to a number of email mishaps, this nice anniversary message from Sheila didn’t make it in yesterday. Finally, Sheila resorted to faxing it over, which means we first had to stoke up our old steam-powered fax machine, which we keep in the back room along with the obsolete Mac laptops, the 8-track player, the victrola collection and the armory of blunderbusses and carronades. (sound of wheezing, clattering machinery, railroad-era work songs, shouting and grunting men, etc. etc.)OK, got the fax! We must now laboriously type it in, which we’re happy to do, but it’s in mostly in Spanish, so bear with us cuz our pronunciation in Espaol isn’t all it should be:”Dear David: Te amo. Te he amado desde el primer momento que vi tu hermoso rostro en el periodico. Gracias por ser como un marido maravilloso. Feliz 26 aniversario. Love, Sheila”There you have it!***Here’s a quick shout-out to Doug Pearce & Crew over at Arapahoe Cafe and Bonnie Q BBQ in Dillon for going over the pass to the Beaver Creek Blues, Brews & BBQ fest last weekend and picking up the Grand Champion Peoples Choice Award plus second place in the pork competition.Nice work, congrats!***And now a Smarty Pants Alert! Smarty Pants Alert! going out to Kristina Barrows of Dillon, who just graduated from Saint Joseph’s College of Maine with a bachelor of science in nursing.Excellent! We can always use more nurses in the world – better than, say, more hedge fund managers or politicians.Well folks, it’s Saturday, get out there and do it up as best you know how!We out.

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