Summit Up 6-21-11: Where the Rocky mountain White Rain falls as it may

by Summit Up
Special to the Daily /Gary Moss

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s decided that any precipitation of a frozen nature falling after, say, May 15, shall henceforth be referred to as “Rocky Mountain White Rain,” or simply “White Rain” or “RMWR” for short. Yep, with summer officially starting today and a fresh coat of RMWR on the ground Monday, we just feel that’s necessary for our sanity.

On the other hand, when you have a big barbecue festival, as Frisco did over the weekend, a dose of rain, white or otherwise, is not a bad thing as it cleans all that bbq sauce off the roads and helps wash clean whatever other stuff might have sullied the streets.

In fact, it’s a pretty good idea to schedule a good rain or RMWR storm after any kind of event where thousands of gallons of beer are going to get sloshed on the pavement along with buckets of barbecue sauce and lordy knows what else. It just freshens things up a bit.


OK, here’s an Angel Alert! Angel Alert! going out from Mike McDonald and Katha Jenkins, and they write thusly about a wayward dog:

“On Friday, June 17, we brought a dog home from the shelter. On Saturday morning, Yote (as in coYote) darted thru a briefly open door. Contact with the shelter resulted in search assistance quickly being organized. Shelter volunteers Rick Swain, Rich and Stephanie (aka Steve) Rafferty and shelter dog extraordinaire Smokey spent their Saturday helping us search for Yote. He had been spotted a few times but always eluded us. After no further sightings for 2+ hours we had decided to suspend efforts for the day. While Rich, Steve and Smokey waited for the rest of us at a trailhead, Yote showed up to see his old shelter friend Smokey. Steve quickly got a lead on a very frightened dog. We were so surprised, delighted and relieved to see the group when we drove up. Yote is now safe and sound in his new home.

“We can never adequately express the depth of our gratitude to these incredibly generous people as well as the staff at the Summit County Animal Shelter. Additional thanks goes out to our dear friend Judy Brockmeyer for her assistance in the search and to Krystal 93 for quickly getting announcements on the air. It is a privilege to live and work in a place where folks are willing to commit themselves to making their corner of the world a better place. May we all learn from their example.”

Nice! Now, Yote, we don’t want to be hearing any more tales of these kinds of running-away shenanigans. It gives you dogs a bad name, so cool it!

It reminds us of this one Siberian husky we used to have growing up. Sasha loved to run, and even more fun for her was to let us get really close to catching her and then take off again. She was truly a dog possessed of an evil running spirit. Of course, we’d never trained here, either, and we can’t ever stress enough how much more enjoyable dog ownership is if you just train the dern critter!


Here’s something from Pati Carlson of Silverthorne:

“As you well know Lake Dillon has been lowered at least 22 feet pending massive snow melt from the awesome snow season. While walking the dry docks at Frisco Marina, the explorer in me taught from my dad took over. I spotted a camera, took it home and cleaned it up with CLR. On a whim and a prayer I inserted the memory stick into my computer and found 123 pictures of a wedding dated 7-23-2010, with some perhaps honeymoon destination pics (Frisco Marina?) dated 7-29-2010. I returned the camera to the marina thinking they may be able to find a rental name if they perhaps rented a boat. I have the memory stick in my possession so it would not get lost track of. Beautiful blue dresses in wedding, groom was a self-shaved bald gentleman. I also posted pics on Pretty cool if someone claims them :)”

Interesting. If anyone knows anything about this, give us a shout at and we’ll try to make the connections. We had no idea you could immerse a camera in a lake for a year or so and still be able to see the photos. Amazing what they can do nowadays, eh?

Well it’s come to that time again when there’s not enough room to introduce a new topic and we just say some random crapola to fill up the rest of the space, which is where we are now. Hope you enjoyed it.

We out.

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