Summit Up 6-22-12: Traveling the world vicariously |

Summit Up 6-22-12: Traveling the world vicariously

Summit Up
The Daily has been getting around lately! At top, a couple of Those Austrian Guys, Rupert Oberlohr (left) and Peter Krainz (right) bringing a little oompah fever to the North Shore of Oahu. Next, Melanie and Tony Atkinson and Penny Banks took us to race day at the Viper Rendezvous in Hastings, Neb. June 9. And we made it to Bonnaroo 2012 in Tennessee with NitaLisa Jorgenson of Luna's Beads & Glass in Frisco. Send your SDN Globetrotter pix to us at

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that wants to go back to the days when people just walked around or rode horses. Dang it can be expensive getting cars fixed! Plus insurance, gas, payments and all that other crap. We want to be like the guy in that old Kung Fu TV series, who just walks around in his bare feet carrying a flute and a little bag with just his toothbrush and a change of underwear (we’re guessing here). It’d be simpler … and cheaper! Although we have to say that, as much as we can, we’ve been riding our bike to work and saving gas that-a-way. Cars, it must be said, are pretty inefficient things because most of the time they’re just sitting there, waiting for you to throw money at them and only occasionally proving useful. Stupid cars!Excuse us, we’re just bitter because we had to spend 900 bucks for some repair that won’t even make our car any faster or cooler – it just gets it back to where it was before. Seems like if you’re going to spend that kinda dough, you should at least get a racing stripe added or some cool new stereo speakers. But chances are we won’t even get a carwash outta the deal.***Well here it is Friday again, and there’s all kinds of cool stuff going on in the county, which you can read all about in today’s Scene section, of course. We highly recommend the new plays opening at our fabulous local theaters in Breck and Dillon. And plenty of fresh air, as well, of course. Enjoy it all …

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