Summit Up 6-27-09 |

Summit Up 6-27-09

by George Romero

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s daily column wondering what it’d be like if Michael Jackson came back to life as a zombie, as he did (or at least pretended to do) in the Thriller video. That would be pretty cool, we think, as well as rather scary (MJ was scary enough as a live person). Would he sing and dance? Would he have the red leather suit? It’s hard to say, we know.

But speaking of zombies, has anyone ever considered that all they really want is a hug?

Think about it. But don’t get too close, just in case. You might give a zombie one of those slightly distancing hugs, like women do when they know a guy just wants to hug them to get close to the dirty pillows. The last thing you want is some zombie chomping into your carotid artery just because you were trying to be nice.

Those zombies will take advantage of you every time. Come to think about, forget about the hugs idea. Makes no sense.


Next up we have a Smarty Pants Alert! going out to Hanna Holton of Silverthorne. Sez here Hannah got on the spring semester honor roll at the University of Wyoming up there in, y’know, Wyoming. Congrats to Hanna – keep it up!

Another SP Alert! goes out to Shelley Mauch of Breckenridge, who just graduated from Fort Lewis College with a degree in business administration. Fix our economy, Shelley!

And another, to Siri Austill of Dillon, who also graduated from Fort Lewis with a degree in art. Congrats!


Here’s an Angel Alert! from Sharon in Silverthorne, who writes as such:

Larisa, thank you for finding and turning in my wallet. I lost it Monday and got it back on Tuesday. I was frantic! Thank you, thank you, thank you! There are good people out there.”


In response to our recent rambling about Woodstock and the lunar landing and what was more important, Gary Parish wrote thusly:

When men reached the moon, I was backpacking on my honeymoon in the nowhere of the Wind Rivers, both of us trying to forget that in several weeks I had to report for active duty as a reluctant, but patriotic draftee. I had just gotten out of basic training when Woodstock happened. My infantry company was placed on ALERT status due to Woodstock (and we were in Ft. Bragg, NC!). That confirmed for me forever that my country had gone bonkers. That war was just the beginning of the downward spiral created by the military/industrial complex that Ike warned about and which has had a death grip on our politicians and our country for so long. So, the Vietnam War gets my vote as the much bigger deal; we are still dealing with its disastrous consequences.

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