Summit Up 6-30-10: Where we do Soduku puzzles on the backs of wildebeests |

Summit Up 6-30-10: Where we do Soduku puzzles on the backs of wildebeests

Special to the Daily/Paul Hage

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column waiting for the group of people riding woolly mammoths across the United States of America.

Yep, there have been so many people cycling across the country (and stopping along the way in Summit County) that we’re starting to get a little blase about what is, in reality, a pretty amazing feat. But when the people on bikes or unicycles or whatever are getting thick as thieves along I-70 with their various quests, we’re really looking for a stronger news hook to justify covering it.

Like, y’know, people on woolly mammoths. We will also consider sending a reporter and/or photographer for:

-One-legged people riding Big Wheels from DC to San Franciso as a way to raise awareness about dangerous toys from China as well as the hassles of one-legedness – particularly as it relates to powering a Big Wheel

-Some guy on a gurney being pushed by a pair of orangutans to make the point that primates should not be exploited

-Leprechauns in any kind of contrivance. They have to be real leprechauns

-Same thing with unicorns. It could be insurance actuaries riding them, but if the steed is a ‘corn, we’re in. (BTW: Why isn’t it unihorn? “Unicorn” makes it sound like you’re trying to distinguish this animal from one that has two ears of corn in its pocket, strapped to its head, whatever.)

(PS: To answer the previous question, we just discovered by googling that the Latin word for an animal’s horn is cornu. And we can understand why whoever named the unicorn dropped the “u” at the end, since “unicornu” would sound really weird.)

-A team of dwarf clowns in a baptismal font being pulled cross-country by a pair of wildebeests with really tough Soduku puzzles shaven into their pelts.

-OK, enough of that.


Here’s a Coyote Alert! from Ted Johnson in Frisco, who writes thusly:

“Word of caution to hikers with dogs along the Dillon Lake single track on Farmer’s Korner end of lake: A coyote has a reported den in the area of the island and is fairly aggressive in tracking you and your dog. Use caution and keep dogs on leash in this area.”

Thanks Ted. We’ll be sure to keep our wildebeests on leashes, too, so’s not to hurt the coyotes.


Jack Crosby in Hamden, Conn. sent us this slightly random e-mail:

“Kudos to Brandie Yeik and her contributions to the USA Olympic Ski Team. I went to college, Hiram Scott College, with her mother, Norma. She looks a bit like her mom. Keep up the good work, Brandie!!!”

Yeah! What he said!


So yestiddy we were wondering what barbecued tempeh might taste like, and we got this excellent response from Elizabeth Shipley in Port Hueneme, Calif.:

“How about barbecued tempeh? We produced Betsy’s Tempeh in Mich. for 9-1/2 years and one of the recipes that I made was barbecued tempeh that I took to a potluck which lasted all of several minutes! I made the sauce, marinated the tempeh in it overnight and baked it the followed day, which made a nice glaze on the tempeh.

“Since we pioneered a new method for making tempeh back in the late ’80s in ‘meat and potatoes’ country, I know people are ready for this fine product. For info on how to make it at home see:”

Cool! Who knew?

That’s it for now, folks. Have a winsome Wednesday.

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