Summit Up 6-5-10: Where we celebrate life with that ancient art form: the terrarium |

Summit Up 6-5-10: Where we celebrate life with that ancient art form: the terrarium

Special to the Daily Special to the Daily/Lily Howard

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column getting ready to starts its very own terrarium.

What, you may justifiably ask, is a terrarium? Well, for starters, it’s a wonderful word that takes just a little bit of tongue dexterity to pronounce. Go ahead, try it. See how it almost rolls off the tongue, but then requires a deft twist at the end to get it out. Fascinating. The word itself is a mashup of the Latin for “earth” (terra) and “aquarium,” and the basic idea is it’s a place for non-fish to chill. But humans being humans, we’ve gone and taken the idea into another realm, and we were just reading a piece in the Times about how terrariums (terraria?) are staging a comeback, with people investing thousands if not billions of hours into creating tiny little tableaux replete with bushes, park benches and even scenes of people being mugged, etc. Given the scale, you’re going to want “whimsical touches” by the boat load, so don’t be afraid to load up your terrarium with tiny cocker spaniels, bespectacled insurance actuaries and old-fashioned refrigerators and such.

For Summit County dwellers, think about what kind of terrarium you might create: a tiny “Night at Cecilia’s” kinda thing, maybe, or howzabout “Night at the Breck Town Council?” You can use plenty of creative license, so if your Breck Council terrarium’s Jeffrey Bergeron has a bluebird nest or a dwarf cactus on his head, that’s OK!

MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS: Who the heck has time to sit around building, pardon our French, these stupid terrariums?

SU: The unemployed? And just think, you can bring your terrarium – which you spent 1.7 billion hours creating – to your next job interview to demonstrate your passion, tenacity and willingness to go hammer-and-tongs at a meaningless job!

Well, maybe not. But your Aunt Luanne may find it terribly interesting. She may bake you cookies and offer to come over every weekend to help you work on your terrarium. She may suggest you start up doing macrame wall hangings as well, along with hooking rugs and crewel work (whatever that is). All these fabulous arts and crafts projects are out there for you to try, and we’re looking to all you folks without jobs to lead the way in this so that, when we are unemployed (which, statistically, should happen soon) we will know about all the cool crafts we can do in between marathon bouts of Halo and Worlds of Warcraft. Thanks in advance!


So this is it, folks: the final weekend of the 2009-2010 ski season in Colorado! Yep, today and tomorrow are the last days at the Basin, so get out there and enjoy. Only one run is required to say you’ve “been skiing,” after which you can repair to the parking lot or the deck for a cold one. Just behave!

Thanks to the folks at the Basin for a great, lo-o-o-ng season. We’ll check ya in October …

Looks like another beautiful weekend shaping up out there. Enjoy it, Summit County!

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