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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column using its full potential to synergistically combine the interests and aptitudes of our competent and caring coworkers to achieve positive results for this newspaper and the community it serves.

And now you may gag.

We’ve just returned from a company-sponsored training session on good habits, effectiveness, interpersonal relationships, reaching your potential and all that other touchy-feely, psycho-babble, self-help stuff. We know what you’re thinking: Why in the world would the Corporate Big-Wigs send us to such a seminar? (And we know you’re thinking that because we’re already so effective and self-actualized and all that. You are thinking that, right?)

But, alas, send us they did, and learn we did. For instance, we learned that most of the things we, nay, all of us, need to succeed, our mothers told us when we were still counting our age on one hand. We’re talking about the common-sense things: don’t be lazy, try to help other people, be positive, etc.

Apparently, though, mom would have been much more successful at teaching this if she had used clever graphs and charts with lots of pictures of sailboats and mountains – not to mention a lot richer if she’d trademarked it all, too.

We jest a little, too. We actually enjoyed this three-day experience. Don’t get us wrong; we’re not going to turn this here column into a “daily affirmation” and spend each day telling you we’re all good enough, smart enough, etc. But we will take this opportunity to remind you (and your mom told you this, no doubt) that it takes a lifetime to become the person you will be and, thus, every day is precious step in that direction. Make sure you’re moving.


A week or so ago we were writing about telemarketers and how they’re a lot more fun than all this complaining you hear. Mary had this to say in an e-mail: “We do have a friend who, when caught on the phone by a telemarketer, asked her “Are you naked?’ This led to a lengthy conversation, at the end of which, the girl on the phone was very concerned about our friend and was trying to get him some sort of medical/psychological help. Subsequent uses of the question have resulted in mere hang ups!”

We don’t know if you can still be charged with sexual harassment if the person calls you, but we just might find out.


Our high school graduates just keep racking up the diplomas. Congrats! to Colorado State University’s newest Summit County alums, Mark Richard Bunchman of Breck, Hunter Ian Mortensen of Frisco and Silverthorne’s Rebecca Lynn Airy.

We’d think of something clever to say, but these smart college kids would have too easy a time coming up with a snappy comeback.


Mmmm, dogs and floats.

The Frisco Safeway is hosting a fundraiser for local fire departments today Thursday and Friday. Help yourself to $2 hot dogs and $2 root beer floats from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. those days. Proceeds go to the Summit County Fire Authority. The store is located at 1008 Summit Blvd.


Not only is it Wednesday, ladies and gentlemen, but it’s National Compliment Your Mirror Day – according to who, we don’t know. Somebody sent us an e-mail that said so, so there you have it.

We’re out giving motivational speeches …

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