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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column wishing Rachel Flood Hansen a most incredible Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!

Whaaat! You don’t know Rachel?! You been hidin’ in a cave or something!? Rachel, whose then-and-now shots are featured somewhere on this page, has been living in this county some 16-plus years, working public relations or some variation thereof at each ski resort, the county, the Summit County Journal, Borders and, most recently, at Lake Dillon Fire Rescue.

She’s 39 today. And holding, her husband, Timmy, says. Yup, she’s looking fine for a woman on the cusp of the big 4-0.

Of course, birthdays are the time to reminisce, and Timmy would like to remind Rachel of the time at Gold Hill when she was lifeguarding and teaching gymnastics, and told the little gymnasts that she was Rachel and would be teaching how to tramp! Ha! We all assume – except the kids, who were forever damaged by this confusion – that Rachel meant “how to use the trampoline,” but hey, we’ll take what we can get.

We won’t bring up inebriated Ullr Fests or Dr. Seuss readings. Ask her yourself.

So, if you see her out and about, give her a happy! Or call her at (970) 513-4100. Or send flowers of condolences to the fire department at 401 Blue River Parkway in Silverthorne.

She’ll forever love ya – and Summit Up – for it!


We have just learned that Baskin Robbins once made a ketchup ice cream. This was the only vegetable-flavored ice cream produced – and for good reason, we assume.

OK. You’re getting sleepy … We’re going back … back in your past … You’re a kid again. You love Cheryl Ladd and/or Donny Osmond, all the Coca-Cola you can drink and tons of ketchup on your fries, hamburgers, hot dogs and scrambled eggs.

After all, we think it was Ronald Reagan who said ketchup is a vegetable and should therefore be on every schoolkid’s menu!

We digress.

Did you, as a kid ever wonder what it would taste like to put ketchup on your ice cream? Hell, no! Why, you’d ruin a perfectly good Rocky Road, or a sumptuous Neapolitan! Ketchup?! That’s blasphemous! And that’s probably why Baskin Robbins doesn’t offer it any more.

However, some companies never learn.

In San Francisco – of course – you can obtain clove-, cardamom- or tea-flavored ice cream.

Cornell College took 100 years to invent this melange called Bailey’s Creme with Henry’s Crunch. Its flavor is Irish cream combined with dark chocolate flakes, caramel and peanuts. Yum.

Hoboken, N.J., is home to a mixture of pineapple and chocolate ice cream.

In Tokyo, you can order black sesame ice cream.

New York City? Sweet corn ice cream.

And there’s a halfbakery that serves rutabaga, broccoli, Brussels sprout, asparagus and snap bean flavors. Rumor has it they’re experimenting with carrot, mayonnaise ripple and a red pepper and celery sorbets. That’ll get the kids to eat their veggies, eh?

Makes ketchup almost sound appealing.


Oh, it’s that time of year again, when all the people who forget we live in an arid climate decide the best way to clean their parking lots is with a hose.

Well, we have a Duh Alert! Duh Alert! going out to the folks at Best Western in Frisco, who were caught doing just that Sunday afternoon. C’mon folks! Get a leaf blower or a broom! All that crap – oil, gasoline, candy wrappers – gets washed right into the lake!

We have noticed that the town of Frisco – so far – hasn’t been watering their beautiful orange concrete triangle at Main Street and Summit Boulevard this spring, and for that, they get kudos. But we’re keeping our eagle eyes out!


Our good frequent flyer Dan Streeter e’d to vent about the tanker truck fire at Bailey last week. He writes:

“I am calling for a voter referendum to be put on the ballot that would allow the state of Colorado to assess Iowa Tank Lines at least $1 million cash bond for each tanker that crosses the border. Then we’ll have the money on hand to clean up their messes without extensive legal maneuvers. And we can invest the money for 30 days and keep he interest!

Well, that’s a great idea, Dan. We’re not sure if some Highway Commission on Accidental Wreckage and Damage Control Assn. Inc. LLC has already got this under control, but it’s something to think about.


Hey! Wake up! Come back from your childhood! Stop eating cucumber ice cream!

We give up. We’re going out to celebrate Rachel’s birthday by consuming mass quantities of plain ol’ vanilla ice cream. Dipped in sprinkles, of course.

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