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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column trying desperately to remember its dreams.We wish that fleeting moment between sleeping and waking in the morning could last longer. That is when your dreams are most vivid. You’re mostly awake, so you have some sense of awareness about your sleeping visions, yet you’re partially asleep, which gives you that connection to your dreams, one that quickly fades as you become more awake.That moment, the time between dreaming and reality – we’d be happy if it lasted forever. Then maybe we could figure out why Madonna and J-Lo were playing checkers in kimonos last night. Or why people we haven’t thought about (at least not consciously) for decades keep popping up to say hello. We even moved in with one of them last week. What’s the meaning of this? We wish we knew. Every time we think we have a handle on the symbolism, we get a whiff of our morning breath or we realize we have to pee, and we are stuck in reality again. After the teeth are brushed and the bladder relieved, fuhgetaboutit. That dream is long gone.We’re told of the practice of lucid dreaming, where the dreamer realizes he or she is asleep and dreaming then controls the action mentally. This sounds fun and all, but it’s not what we’re after. We prefer to let unconciousness take its course, for our thoughts to jump and fly while we sleep with no interference from the mind.What we would like, however, is for that waking/sleeping hybrid state to last in the morning, at least through early afternoon. Maybe we wouldn’t get much done during the day, but at least we’d remember if Madonna beat J-Lo at checkers.***Sunday was the 60th anniversary of D-Day. I think we all remember where we were on that day in 1944. Hanging out with the unliving, most of us. But many of our revered and respected elders do remember that day, some were even there. They are called “The Greatest Generation.” Not only were they responsible for saving Europe and the world from Nazi fascism, they also came back from the war to sire the baby boomer generation, which in turn begot Generation X. The boomers fought valiantly in Vietnam, but the stakes were lower, and the generation was violently split between pro- and anti-war factionsGeneration X? The Internet generation, the group that perfected sarcasm and grunge fashion – we think most would agree, it just doesn’t compare to a group of young Americans who risked it all to liberate a foreign ally and stayed strong back at home, fully supporting the effort.It’s a bold claim, “The Greatest Generation” but we think it stands up.***Well Summit Up Landers, we’d love to say it’s Sunday, or Saturday or some other play day, but it’s not, it’s the beginning of what we hope will be a productive week of work for you all. As a great man once said something to the effect of: Your work helps our work, which in turn helps the work of others. And that’s the way of the world. Let us know the way of your world at or make wild claims about your generation being the greatest of all time on the voicemail at (970) 668-3889 ext. 237.We’re out winning the checker tournament in our head …

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