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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column wondering which came first: The dishwasher or the “No Dumping” sign.Yes, we were a bit concerned about opening this particular e-mail, as it was tagged “No Dumping.” We had all kinds of visions dancing through our heads, most of them related to potty humor, which is, in fact, our forte. But we come from the school of Hard Lessons of Reality at Our Expense and were pretty sure if we opened this e-mail we’d find ) someone squatting ord) someone squatting.So we were relieved to find a photo, pictured somewhere on this page, of something as innocent as, well, the image depicted in the photo somewhere on this page. Nothing like a little bit of humor-lite to get our week started off OK.

***Speaking of potty humor, we heard a few good bathroom writing liners this weekend.Personally, our favorite place to witness the deep thoughts of those around us is at Mrs. E And Me (Ask them about their nickname!) in Breck. They have chalkboards in their loos, and whenever someone scribbles down something dumb on one of them, you just have to go upstairs and ponder who wrote it.Such is life. Some recent musings (but not necessarily from the aforementioned fine dining establishment):8) Please do not throw cigarette butts in this urinal. It makes them soggy and hard to light.

) On a condom vending machine: This gum tastes like rubber!) For a good time, call 555.5555. (That wasn’t the actual number, but we recognized it and deleted it to protect unwitting people from a man named “Lenny.”ç) My wife follows me everywhere. Written below it: I do not.) In a construction site porta-potty: Don’t eat the white mint.Ý) Written on a tank next to the handle: Please wiggle Handel. Written below it: If I do, will it wiggle Bach?

OK. Enough of this.***An upcoming trend? Field agent No. 39.67g was on vacation in the desert and noticed – surprise – a young man with his briefs hung way up high and his jeans hung down around mid-thigh. 39.67g was shaking his or her head in fashion-faux-pas disgust and the young man reached down and pulled his pants all the way up to his waist!Gasps of aghastness! We herald his bravery, and hope to see more like it! We do wonder, however, why he wasn’t wearing something a little heavier than denim in the 100-degree heat …***We out in a ditch with our undies.

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