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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s just aching to get back to the wilderness, mainly because we hear so much about it on the Internet.

Our friend alpineflowerchild (right – it’s an e-mail address, which we’re leaving without an end tag so our more typical Summit Up readers like won’t S er S send an attachment) writes:

“Here’s a submission for Summit Up!! Thanks for including something of mine every summer I’m up here! Love you guys – best paper in the world.”


The range is a paradox:

Rough and pristine

Above the tree-cloaked vale

Lucid with a shattering blue

Of the river’s rush

Running deep into meadows

Of wildflowers –

Where the red fox is a glister

Dancing in the field.

That in turn got us thinking about a program we saw a listing for right here in the Summit Daily News’ own calendar (shameless plug: page A25). The prospect of an “interview with a bear” got us hoping for a little something like this:

“So how do you respond to those allegations?”


“Now, when you say “UNRRRRRHHH,’ do you mean S “

* * *

Summer, then, is when a young resident of Summit Up Land’s thoughts of fancy naturally turn to a Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!! Stephanie from Summit Cove writes:

“This one is in regards to the people riding their bikes in the Cove and trying to play chicken (her underline issues, not ours) with me and my dog. If there is not a car coming in the opposite direction, could you please move over so that my dog and I do not have to go in the ditch – this happened two days in a row and I am fed up. Next time, I’m just going to stick my arm out – we are supposed to share the road – remember? – and while I’m at it, this one is to all the cars that think the Cove is the Indy 500: Slow down. There are kids and animals trying to have a good time back here. Jeez, people – get a grip and start thinking of other people besides yourselves. I’m tired of writing in about you. You know who I’m talking about.”

* * *

We’re outdoors, for as long as we can bear it.

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