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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column playing in the lost and found bin.Not really. We’re just a little fixated on the whole “lost and found” thing after a fellow staffer decided the tube of lip balm he found was just too good to pass up.Oh, yes, you read that right. He picked up a tube of lip stuff, kept it on his desk and, in a fit of mouth-parchedness (who cares if that’s a word?) decided he was going to use it.We guess we should say that he was going to shave the top off before putting it to his own lips, but we (as we imagine our good readers would do) shrieked at the thought of it.See, we all lose things in life, and we all find things. But at a very young age, most of us are taught to not put them in our mouths. This got us ruminating on the different categories of lost-and-found objects: those you can use, those only the owner would want to use again and those nobody would really want anymore.Money, yes, all of us can find it and use it. Unfortunately, we don’t find enough of it. We keep hoping we’ll find a briefcase of it on the side of the highway, and we’ve even started walking I-70 on our days off (because you’re not going to find a briefcase full of money sitting on the couch, right?).Cell phones: People lose and find a lot of those. You could use one you find, we suppose, but you’d have to figure out the number for it and somehow change the bill over to your name (assuming no one called it and demanded the phone back). This probably goes in that second category.And then you have personal hygiene products. People are always losing toothbrushes and combs, but when you find them – behind the toilet in the bathroom, in the mud in the parking lot, etc. – you could probably go to the trouble of boiling them so they’re sterile enough to use, but it’d probably be easier just to go buy a new one.Just so we’re all clear on that. And if you suspect the person you’re about to kiss is the aforemention lip-glosser, give us a call. We’ll save you.***Congrats! to Kevin Taylor. Why? Because Taylor, a 1999 Summit High grad, just earned his bachelor’s in business administration from Western State College in Gunnison. Not only that, but he made the dean’s list, as well. Good job, Kevin.***Some people in clerical jobs are simply paper-pushers. That wasn’t good enough for Jo-Anne Tyson.We’re here to let you know today that Jo-Anne, the town clerk of Frisco, has been accepted as a member of the Master Municipal Clerk Academy Program of the International Institute of Municipal Clerks. This is no small feat, either.To reach this honorable stage of clerkdom, one must become a certified municipal clerk, attend a minimum of 36 hours of graduate study in clerk-related courses, participate in state and national association stuff and, it doesn’t say here but we’re sure it’s part of the interview process, avoid a paper cut for more than three years.Jo-Anne joins the finer 15 percent of her profession with this affiliation.Kick butt, Jo-Anne.***It’s Wednesday, and not a bad one for lounging poolside, we’d say. If you have other plans, let us know at, fax at (970) 668-0755 or just tell us we’re not invited on the voicemail at (970) 668-3998, ext. 237.We’re out in the parking lot looking for used popsicle sticks …

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