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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only column pondering a trip to Iraq.As of Monday we, being the United States and not us Summit Up Staffers, returned power to Iraqi citizens and made their country sovereign. They can make their own laws. They can make their own buildings. They can fight their own wars.Of course, they’d better do it under the guidelines set forth by the Good Ol’ U.S. of A., or we might just come back there and reoccupy the country.Being that we’ve got a few military brat-like people in Summit Up Headquarters, we asked them what it means to no longer be occupied.Our soldiers are still abroad, we noted. Therefore, they must now be “tourists.”And we’d like to join them! We’re tired of relaxing vacations on the beach, long nights on the Las Vegas strip and camping trips in Land o’ Mosquitos. We want to move on to something a little more extreme, and Baghdad seemed like it might be just the place!

And since there are so many U.S. citizens over there already, we should feel right at home, running into our neighbors as we Summit Countians are prone to do.Book us two seats to Baghdad, please! No! Make it three!***We have a Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! going out to Lara Dobson who turns (gulp!) 16 today! Her Dad, Mom and Zach note that she’s very excited about getting her driver’s license, which of course should, once again, have Summit County drivers petrified beyond belief.Ah, we jest, Lara! We’re sure you’ve taken all the prerequisite courses at Crash’s School o’ Driving: Turning Left, Turning Right, Parallel Parking, How to Drive and Talk on the Cell Phone with your Boyfriend and Directions to the Mall.Anyhow, Birthday Girl is featured in a photo somewhere on this page in her early years, doing what she’s really digging doing today: driving!

Keep an eye on the road, preprogram those radio stations and know where your registration and insurance is at all times! Congrats, Lara!***Summit Up Staffer No. 391.w was driving along somewhere in Summit County (we forget where) when a stranger knocked upon his window. (Actually, 391.w was probably at a stop somewhere in this county as opposed to driving around, but whatever.)The guy asked if he could have a ride to Breckenridge.”Uh, sure, I guess,” 391.w said (These are not necessarily real quotes. But they’re close.)391.w, trying to generate some friendly conversation and deter the stranger from brandishing a weapon, asked the stranger where he was headed.

“I’m hiking to Durango,” he said.”Uh, OK.” It makes us wonder. Did he give up the hike and try to get there by car instead? Is “hiking” a new faddy word for hitchhiking? Why was he headed north? And how come he wouldn’t share his lunch?Just makes one wonder …***On that note, we’re out trying to figure out why our plane ticket request keeps getting denied. Harumph.

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