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Special to the DailyFourteen-year-old Bartas Urba was quick with the camera Tuesday, after the snow we got the night before. He captured this Breckenridge peak off his back porch, and his mother sent it to us for inspection. Looks good, Bartas. Keep it up.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column looking for a pit crew for the NASCAR Interstate 70 classic.What, you didn’t know there was a race on? You must not have driven on I-70 yesterday.Oh, yeah, it’s the largest, unsanctioned auto race in the country, every Fourth of July weekend (and every weekend in the ski season when the Front Range media report we’ve been dumped on, Labor Day weekend, Memorial Day weekend, the month of spring break, etc.). We’re surprised people haven’t built bleachers at the Frisco overlooks just to watch the action.

This race is even better than watching Dale Jr. and Anybody But Gordon duke it out – inside passes and drafting are much more exciting when there’s mini-Winnebagos involved.Those of you who didn’t know the race was on were probably wondering if Denver was on fire, what with the rapid, head-for-the-hills pace of traffic. Not to worry, though; race marshals have their eyes on the course and are keeping things under control (the term “control” being loosely applied here, as one can expect only so much of it from drivers too busy talking on their cell phones and eating their Happy Meals to notice their speedometer needle cresting triple digits, or that bighorn sheep that just jumped into the right lane to chase a crumb).Eventually, we hope to see the whole thing become official. One of these days, they’ll just hold traffic back, letting drivers go every hour in a mad rush, mass start. Pole position will go to the drivers with the worst records, and all of us can sit in lawn chairs on the tops of RVs, watching them go by or maybe even pit-stopping in the Frisco roundabout.Ah, one day …

***If someone’s telling you not to register to vote because that means you’ll get called to jury duty, A) tell them to go cramp someone else’s civil rights, and 4) tell them they’re wrong.Kristina sent us a fax from Breck reporting that there’s a “disinformation campaign” going around – which excited us, because it reminded us of the old propaganda days and our stay in the Gulag, but also made us mad because it could mean people might not vote come November.”People are saying that if you register, you’ll be called to jury duty, and if you don’t register, you won’t,” she writes.

Not true. Jury pools are drawn from the logs of driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations. Sheesh. Some people will come up with the craziest of excuses to explain why they’re too lazy to vote.***We’re out waving the checkered flag …

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