Summit Up 7-1-10: Ready to run with the bulls |

Summit Up 7-1-10: Ready to run with the bulls


Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s gearing up for the Fiesta de San Fermin in Spain. We’ve got our bags packed, our sneakers oiled and our anti-goring butt pad in place for the enciero – the annual running of the bulls in Pamplona July 7.

Who think of these things? We can only guess it was a Sangria-fueled dare of some sort a long time ago in Pamplona, that might have sounded a bit like this:

(translated from the Spanish by some guy who speaks Spanish)

Ricardo: I’m bored

Jose: Me too

Ricardo: Look at those bulls over there. They look bored as well.

Jose: Hey, I have an idea that could work for us and the bulls.

Ricardo: Really? What?

Jose: I’ll show you. Hold my Sangria …

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Speaking of the running of the bulls, if you happen to see the otherwise forgettable new Tom Cruise film “Knight and Day,” there’s a pretty good stunt scene in there involving bad guys getting trampled by bulls while still in their cars.


Speaking of movies, one of the Summit Up Central Staffers was trying to explain to us this whole Twilight thing with the vampires and such. We understand there’s a new installment of the films based on these books starting today, and we were trying to understand it all. There are established rules for vampire stuff, we understand – like it takes a stake through the heart to kill them; they can’t see themselves in mirrors; they live forever; they only drink blood, etc. And then there’s one rule we hadn’t heard of: vampires cannot get women pregnant (and, presumably, females vampires cannot be impregnated by non-vampire human dudes). But in the Twilight saga, apparently, there’s a half-vampire baby born of a human mom and a vampire dad.

MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS: Really? What’s that all about?

SU: Well, from what we understand, this half-vamp kid is into the drinking blood thing, but she can also eat human food. We’re guessing her tastes lean toward the red-meat genres like meatloaf and prime rib and the like – not so much the spinach salads and watercress sandwiches. Since we haven’t read the books, we’ll just go ahead and guess on some other things about Renesmee and her life (that’s the kid’s name, we hear).

• She can see herself in the mirror, but the reflection is upside down, which makes it a bitch to do her makeup.

• Renesmee likes a good burger, but lamb or chicken makes her gag.

• She can turn into a bat, but only one of the really big, impractical fruitbats like you see in Indonesia, so it’s hard for her to be really stealthy in bat mode.

• It angers her that her dad never makes it to her field hockey games – except for that one night game during the state tournament.

• Renesmee is bitter about her chores: cleaning the coffin room and getting the blood out of her dad’s cape.

• She’s tired of having her dentist suggest caps for her super-pointy incisors.


OK, here’s a rare Mazel Tov Alert! from Les Caplan in Silverthorne:

“The members and Board of the Synagogue of the Summit (SOS) wish a hearty ‘mazel tov’ to Evan Counihan of Silverthorne for his Bar Mitzvah at Copper Mountain on June 26. After many years of study and hard work, Evan was called to the torah by Rabbi Joel Schwartzman. The SOS congregation and the Summit County community warmly welcome Evan as a Jewish adult and extend congratulations to his family.”

Very cool, and congrats to Evan. We know learning all that stuff is hard work and take a lot of faith and commitment.

If you’ve got an Alert! for us on any topic under the sun, send it to Our operators are standing by. …


Gotta run, folks. Ciao!

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